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Long pulse laser marking machine processing principle:. Under the irradiation of the strong light of the long-pulse laser marking machine, the material absorbs energy through the conversion of incident photons-stimulated electrons-phonons, and the material achieves the processing effect of the material through the solid-liquid-gas three-phase thermal melting process. In a process, due to the influence of heat conduction, heat energy diffuses to the surrounding environment, which will eventually cause severe thermal impact and thermal damage to the edge state of the active area. With the reduction of the pulse width of the pulsed laser, the area and degree of thermal impact and thermal damage will be reduced. On the other hand, due to the longer duration of the laser pulse, the corresponding peak power is reduced, so that the excitation process of electrons can only rely on the vibration linear absorption of a single incident photon, so it is impossible to process relatively transparent dielectric materials. The range is strictly limited by the light-absorbing properties of the material. The processing principle of short pulse laser marking machine:.

Since the pulse width of the femtosecond laser marking machine is much shorter than the thermal diffusion time and the electron-phonon coupling time in the material, it shows that only the electrons absorbing the incident photons need to be considered during the entire continuous irradiation time of the laser. The process of excitation and energy storage, while the temperature of electrons can be completely ignored during the cooling of radiation phonons and the process of thermal diffusion, the interaction between laser and matter is actually the process of electrons being stimulated to absorb and store energy, which fundamentally avoids Therefore, when the laser pulse is incident, the energy generated by absorbing photons will accumulate rapidly in the absorbing layer with a thickness of only a few nanometers, and the electronic temperature value generated in an instant will be far away. Far higher than the melting temperature of the material, even the vaporization temperature, the material is directly transformed from solid to gaseous state, and a high-density, superheated, high-pressure plasma state is formed on the laser-irradiated surface of the material, realizing the non-thermomelt processing of laser. Femtosecond laser marking machine is widely used in assembly line industrial production. It is suitable for batch automatic marking machine. The marking speed is fast and the effect is obvious. It is one of the important tools for batch number and production date marking UV laser marking machine. The femtosecond laser marking machine has no consumables, non-contact marking, and meets the needs of environmental protection. Products with environmental protection requirements are a good choice for the femtosecond laser marking machine. 1. Fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine is called metal laser marking machine. Almost all metal products can form permanent marks on it, and it can also mark on some plastic products to achieve certain effects, such as plastic ABS and PC material marking. Second, co2 laser marking machine. The co2 laser marking machine is called non-metallic laser marking machine, which is mainly aimed at marking wooden materials. At present, after the development of carbon dioxide laser marking machine, it can not only mark on wood products, but also can be used for partial workmanship and engraving. It is called a carbon dioxide laser engraving machine, and some glass products and clothing marking and printing will also use co2 marking machines.

three. Also known as plastic laser marking machine, IC automatic laser marking machine is currently widely used in the electronics industry and has also driven the market share of plastic materials. It is also a fine laser marking machine, and the marking accuracy is higher than the above Two types, the minimum line width will be smaller, in addition to marking on plastic, it can also mark on glass like co2 laser marking machines, and the marking effect of these two types of laser marking machines on glass is not the same The same, in addition, it can also produce good results on ceramic products. Fourth, green laser marking machine.

The green light laser marking machine is of the same nature, except that the marking effect is different. For example, the marking effect on glass is green fonts. The same is true for ceramics, and the marking effect on plastic materials is also slightly different. Five, end-pump semiconductor laser marking machine. The end-pump semiconductor laser marking machine belongs to a light-transmitting button laser marking machine, which is mainly used for marking buttons on cars, marking light-transmitting buttons on some electronic products, etc. Although fiber laser marking machines can also achieve some products Light-transmitting marking, but the marking effect is far from the effect of end-pump semiconductor laser marking machine.

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