Reasons for insufficient production and standard depth of laser marking machines


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The most talked about now is that production depends on technology, and the same is true for laser marking machines. If it is not for the application of technology, marking machines will still stay on the basis of the first generation, resulting in two aspects of technological innovation. One is Global informatization makes technology promotion faster and more accurate. The second is the competition among manufacturers. Where there is competition, there will be development. Many manufacturers stand out from the competition, relying on technological innovation to create a new product. Much better than developing previous products. Although the laser marking machine has occupied the market, it is not necessarily long-term. The previous marking machines are examples. Different products will come out in a certain stage, and the improvement of products will promote the development of the industry. The current use It is mechanized production, of course there must be a good machine. Now is an era of diversification. While selling laser marking machines, it is necessary to develop better products on the current basis to face market changes. The advent of new products can also allow an enterprise to Occupy the market, this is more than one stroke.

The laser marking machine reaches the standard quickly, and the text is not easy to change. The use of modern technical operation makes the standard more professional, and the effect of use is better. Laser marking machine, but the marking machine needs computer operation when it is used. For some people, there are restrictions. It cannot be operated by anyone. It needs special personnel to operate. Such a marking machine will take up a labor force and cannot be used immediately. This is a small-scale shortcoming. In the future research and development of the marking machine, it is best to make the marking machine more simple and convenient, and it will be more convenient to use. 1. Before turning on the acousto-optic power supply, fully cool the acousto-optic device with water, otherwise it is easy to damage the acousto-optic device, and strictly install the marking machine to start the sequence.

2. In order not to damage the precision vibrating head, the shell of the marking machine should be grounded. 3. Do a good job of dust-proof work, and don't put the laser marking machine in a sealed or dusty place. 4. Regularly clean the field mirror.

5. If you encounter a malfunction during the trial period, do not disassemble it lightly. It is best to take it to the after-sales department for repairs, or let the after-sales service come to you. 6. Control the water temperature of the chiller. The median value of the circulating temperature is set at 25 degrees and 28 degrees. In order to reduce the scaling of the circulating water, pure water should be used. 7. Ensure that the computer connected to the marking machine does not have viruses, and check and kill viruses every day.

8. Do a good job of waterproofing the marking machine. 9. Operators must undergo professional training, and do not believe that it will cause man-made damage to the UV laser marking machine or marking machine. 1. The output power of the laser depends on whether the output power of the laser marking machine is sufficient.

2. Whether the cut-off power of the acousto-optic switch meets the requirements. 3. Whether the optical path adjustment is accurate. 4. Whether the position and direction adjustment of the beam expander is accurate.

5. Whether the lens surface of the laser marking machine is polluted or not. 6. Whether the workpiece surface is on the focal plane. 7. Whether the 28V output DC voltage of the laser power supply has dropped, resulting in a drop in laser output power.

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