Laser marking machine pulse and its role in the LED lamp industry


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Generally speaking, the pulse width of a laser marking machine is below 15ns. Many people do not understand what this means. Some people understand it as the marking range. The marking range has nothing to do with this. The lens has a tube, the size of the lens is the size of the marking range, and this pulse width refers to the duration of a single pulse, ns is a unit of time measurement, called nanoseconds, you can also use ms, us, ps, fs It is represented by letters, corresponding to milliseconds, microns, picoseconds, femtoseconds, etc., and the smaller the level, the shorter the laser action time. Why do we say that the second pulse width is related to the second pulse energy, because the laser energy carried by a single pulse, the energy peak value is the product of the pulse width, and the unit is marked as kilowatts in J. If the pulse width is 10ns, the peak value is 10J, then His pulse energy is 10J*10ns. We know that the laser marking machine is a kind of continuous pulse marking laser equipment, which is equal to the number of pulse repetitions in one millisecond. Only when the number of pulses is calculated in milliseconds or nanometers can the naked eye see the laser marking machine It has been continuously marked on the product. In fact, it will stop for a few nanometers after each pulse propagates, but we can't feel the time calculated in nanoseconds. Let alone nanoseconds, it is difficult for us to feel the stop even for a few millimeters.

The pulse width of different types of laser marking machines is as follows. Generally, the pulse width of a 1064 wavelength fiber laser marking machine is at least 0.01ns, and the maximum will not exceed 10ns. The minimum pulse width of 355 wavelengths is 0.1ns, and the maximum is between 12ns. The pulse width of wavelength carbon dioxide laser marking machine is at least 0.1ns and the maximum is between 10ns. There are also laser marking machines with other wavelengths, such as green laser marking machines. These pulse widths are similar, and the difference between ultraviolet laser marking machines is different. Large, generally not lower than 0.01ns, not higher than 15ns, within this range. In order to highlight the brand and tell users that the product is qualified and can be used with confidence, the laser marking machine marks the CE certification, ROHS environmental protection mark, and other styles on the product. Generally, it will mark its own brand on it. Recently, the QR code Popular, some manufacturers will attach a QR code to better promote themselves. The outer mark is to promote itself and make people use it with confidence. So is the inner mark unnecessary? For us consumers, it is definitely not necessary. Even if it is broken, it may not be disassembled to see the inside. If there is anything, just throw it away and replace it. For production engineering, internal marking is very important. If it is not, it will bring great difficulties in production.

The division of labor in the factory is very clear. The IC automatic laser marking machine may not be the same company as the chip inside the LED lamp and the PCB board, so there will be differences in specifications and other aspects. If the marking is not clear, the engineering difference It is more difficult on the road, and it is impossible to teach workers how to install this LED light, so if the external marking is for the convenience of users and corporate publicity, then the internal marking is for production needs. In marking, not only laser marking machines can do it, inkjet printers can also mark, laser printers, 3D printers, etc. can mark, so why choose laser marking machines? One, the marks are clear and difficult to erase.

Second, you can choose the area mark at will. Three, the marking accuracy is high, and the ordinary model can be accurate to 0.1mm. Fourth, it can be marked on small parts at will.

Fifth, it can realize assembly line production. Sixth, the marking speed is fast, and the normal size of a symbol number is completed within about 0.1S. 7. Non-contact and non-consumable marking, will not cause secondary pollution to the product, and comply with ROHS standards.

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