Laser marking machine selection and different power differences


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The laser marking machine belongs to the series of laser marking machines, but it is developed with a 355nm ultraviolet laser, and realizes full automation functions, saving talents and time, and uses third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology to compare with infrared lasers. The focused spot of 355 ultraviolet light is very small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has little influence on the heat of processing, because it is mainly used for ultra-fine marking and engraving, especially suitable for marking food and pharmaceutical packaging materials, micro marking Holes, high-speed division of glass materials and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers. Laser marking machines are generally 1.5 watts, 3 watts, 5 watts, 10 watts, and 15 watts. The maximum power is proportional to the price. However, the above-mentioned equipment is generally used in precision marking, and the application range of high power will be wider, so the price will be more expensive. My personal suggestion is that if economic conditions permit, you should try to buy high power. 5w laser marking machine equipment, and 10-15w marking machine is expensive, mainly used in ultra-precision marking.

Things to pay attention to when choosing a UV marking machine:. 1. Whether the energy of the laser marking machine is stable and whether the output power is large enough. 2. Whether the beam quality output by the laser is good enough, including its stability.

3. The reliability of the laser should be high, and it can work continuously in a relatively harsh environment. 4. Whether the operation is simple, whether the buttons are clear, and whether the laser can be protected from damage. 5. It is maintainable and requires less downtime.

6. Only after the marking test can be purchased. The brand advantage of the brand-beyond the laser, the ultraviolet laser can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking because of its extremely small focusing spot and small processing heat-affected zone. It is the preferred product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects. In addition to copper materials, UV lasers are more suitable for processing materials. Not only the beam quality is good, but the focus spot is smaller, which can realize ultra-fine marking, and the application range is wider. Thermal effect, no material burning problem, fast marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance of the whole machine, small size, low power consumption and other advantages. One, the difference between different powers:.

Ultraviolet marking machine is considered to be a relatively intelligent marking machine equipment on the market, and its relative price is also more expensive than others. Due to the extremely small focus spot and the small processing heat-affected zone, it can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking , is a recommended product for customers who have high requirements for marking effects. Not only is the beam quality good, the focus spot is smaller, it can achieve ultra-fine marking, the application range is wider, the heat-affected area is extremely small, no thermal effect, no material Burning problem, fast marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance of the whole machine, small size, low power consumption and other advantages, IC automatic laser marking machine is mainly used for marking some flexible PCB board marking, FPC board cutting, silicon wafer, LCD liquid crystal glass, metal surface coating marking, plastic buttons, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials, Apple data cables, high-demand light-transmitting buttons, plastic parts that have been UV-oiled, etc. are very sensitive to light Material. Second, there are generally several types of power. Generally, there are 1.5 watts, 3 watts, 5 watts, 10 watts, and 15 watts, which are used more in the market. The higher the power, the higher the price.

1.5-5W UV equipment is mostly used in precision marking. The higher the power, the wider the application range, and of course the higher the price. Personally, it is recommended to use 5W equipment as far as the economy allows. Compared with 1.5W equipment, it is more expandable. , and the value preservation space is also larger, and 10-15W equipment is expensive, mainly used in precision cutting and precision drilling, mainly FPC, ceramic sheets, glass sheets and other materials that are difficult to cut by other processes. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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