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The term laser marking machine is believed to be familiar to everyone. Today, Correct Pack will take you to learn more about the purchase instructions of laser marking machines and the application industry of laser marking machines, so that users can do what they want when purchasing machines. Know what you know, and you won't be deceived. Instructions for purchasing laser marking machines 1. When purchasing a laser marking machine, users should shop around. No matter the price or the technical parameters of the laser marking machine, they need to be compared. How to choose, everyone has a steelyard in their hearts. Self-assessment; laser marking machine technical parameters reference 2. When purchasing a laser marking machine, you must sign a contract as the legal basis for after-sales protection. Pay off the remaining balance. 3. Since the development of laser marking machines, the product quality has been homogenized in today's Chinese market, unless some unscrupulous merchants start thinking about replacing products of different brands. Now that the Internet is developed and the price is transparent, the price is too low. Caution is required.

4. The long service life of the laser marking machine is actually linked to the product quality. Theoretically, it is 100,000 hours, but the actual service life is about seven or eight years. Of course, these are closely related to the later maintenance and use frequency. Laser marking machine application industry summary Food packaging industry: Laser marking machines can be used in our common cola, Sprite, milk, beverages, biscuits, candies, bread, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, snacks, edible oil, rice, seasonings , Tobacco, medicine and other products that are frequently in contact with, for such products, the production date, production batch number, logo and other main information are indispensable, we can use co2, optical fiber, ultraviolet and other laser marking machines to identify Fast and permanent marking of goods in the food packaging industry. Jewelry signage industry: Laser marking machines are used on jewelry signs such as: photos, belts, nameplates, badges, signs, jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, purses, pet tags, necklaces, etc. Although these are not as necessary as food packaging Print the production date and expiration date on the product, but it is necessary to mark some characters and patterns with special industries. At the same time, the trademark is also an important department. No matter what kind of IC automatic laser marking machine the information is displayed on Commodities can be realized by laser machines to meet the needs of the jewelry industry.

Hardware equipment industry: The common products of laser marking machines in the hardware industry include screwdrivers, scissors, wrenches, knives, fitness equipment, medical equipment, stainless steel products, aluminum products, locks, tableware, kitchen and bathroom supplies, etc. Products such as knives and scissors can be marked with trademark marks, and some of them can also have specific models of the product. Except for co2 laser marking machines, other laser marking machines can be used in the hardware industry and solve the problem of Marking of hardware product trademark information. Laser marking machine is used in hardware equipment industry, instrumentation and glasses industry: laser marking machine is used in watches, electronic watches, glasses frames, glasses, various instrumentation equipment, etc., and it can be found that some relevant information can be laser marked on the watch case. Even the glasses frame can be marked with a laser marking machine, especially on the instrument. Like the industry mentioned above, the laser marking machine can also be used to realize the accurate coding of the identification information of the instrument and glasses industry. . Automobile machinery industry: The automobile machinery industry includes some accessories used in automobiles, bearings, piston rings, engines, automobile signs, machine tools, steel sleeves, etc. The accessories used by different models are different. In order to allow businesses and consumers to Those who distinguish them will generally mark the corresponding model on the product, use the model and other relevant information. If you want to ensure permanent marking of this information, you also need to choose to use laser marking equipment.

Laser marking machines can be used in all walks of life, and have an irreplaceable important position in each industry. It is recommended to buy laser marking machines from Correct Pack manufacturers, which have advantages in price and quality.

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