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The main energy source of the laser marking machine is to integrate high-tech photoelectric energy into itself, and then to combine the energy. The main work is to mark metal objects. The advanced nature of the current laser marking machine has completely replaced the traditional marking device. , Today, laser technology has become one of the four major scientific and technological inventions in my country. The development of marking machine technology in the processing of materials and the industry, the performance advantages are particularly prominent, and it has won the favor of many businesses. The main function of laser marking machine is to work through laser. It needs to use the red light indicator function in the work process. At present, most of the laser equipment produced in China do not have red light output, which will bring inconvenience to the work. How to provide laser To set up the red light on the marking machine, only two parts are required, the 45-degree beam combiner and the fixing frame of the beam combiner. The 45-degree beam combiner, at a slope of 45 degrees, can pass more than 99.9% of the 1000-1100nm laser, and about 60% of the reflected light reaches 500-800NM, and the main function of the fixed frame is to adjust the position of the red light. The laser marking machine makes it electrically insulated from the casing to achieve a good fixing effect. It only needs to set the above components for the laser marking machine, and it can output red light well. Simple steps bring good benefits. The marking machine provides fast and accurate positioning effect, which is the main function of the red light.

1. Cooling capacity. As the name implies, it is the cooling capacity of the laser chiller, which is the first indicator for the selection of the laser chiller. We can calculate the calorific value generated by the laser marking machine according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser marking machine, and choose a pair.

P heat = P laser /μ. Assume that the thermal efficiency of the CO2 laser marking machineμGenerally, it is 15%, and an 80W laser needs at least: 80/0.15=533W. That is to say, while generating 80W laser, the laser injects 533W of energy, and the excess energy needs to be taken away by the laser chiller.

We directly determine the cooling capacity of the laser chiller based on the input rated power of the laser power supply minus the output power of the laser. For example, our commonly used RF lasers and solid-state lasers will be marked with the rated full power supply voltage and current. Taking the coherent 70W RF laser as an example, it requires a power input of 48V25A, instantaneous 36A, and the maximum input power can be calculated. 1200W. 2. Yang Cheng pressure and water velocity and flow rate of the water pump.

Everyone will pay attention to the cooling capacity of the laser chiller, and often ignore the index of water pump Yangcheng. The cooling capacity represents the cooling capacity provided by the compressor, and the water flow represents the ability of the chiller to take away heat, which causes what you often see. Phenomenon: A chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 1000W is connected to an 80W glass tube. The chiller displays 25°C, but the laser tube is hot. This is because the pump pressure is not high, and the water flow does not have enough pressure to drive the water cycle. The heat is not taken away. 3. Water filter and water quality requirements, as well as the material of the inner water tank. This comprehensive index is often ignored, but it is very reused and directly affects the life of the laser.

For CO2 glass tube lasers, the lenses at both ends belong to the dead angle of water flow, which is easy to retain impurities in the water, causing poor heat dissipation, and the micro-deformation of the lenses directly affects the output beam quality and spot mode of the laser. For radio-frequency lasers, impurities such as scale and copper rust accumulated on the cooling plate will cause the temperature of the cavity to be too high to deform the electrode plate, and then the temperature sensor will alarm, and the laser will not emit light and other failures will occur. For YAG lasers, the surface cleanliness of the pump lamp, crystal and gold-plated cavity directly affects the output power and spot pattern, and the blockage of tiny water holes in the semiconductor module will directly burn the bar.

Most of the chillers on the market use copper pipes for the refrigerant pipes, and the evaporator is placed directly in the cooling water, which will generate a lot of copper rust, which will directly affect the laser. For many without filters, the chiller directly adds tap water or uses pure water that has not been replaced for a long time, which will cause bacteria and impurities to deposit on the laser, which will affect the life and use effect of the laser. Therefore, we must regularly check the water quality in the water tank, regularly replace the water source and clean the water tank, keep the waterway unimpeded and clean, and equip the water tank with a water filter to filter impurities in the water.

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