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First of all, we need to understand the power of the laser, which is very important for the initial debugging of the fiber laser marking machine, because the larger the output power is, the greater the laser output energy is, and the easier it is to mark the depth, and the laser is in the market. The price on the website is also fixed, and they are all determined by the power. Lasers are divided into two categories: continuous fiber lasers and pulsed fiber lasers. CW fiber laser: 5W, 10W, 20W to 400W, 4000W. Pulse fiber laser: 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W, 30W to 50W.

After we understand the power of the laser of the fiber laser marking machine, we must be vague about the parameter setting of the marking machine, and it is also a difficult part in the operation process. Let's take a look at the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine. adjust. Parameter adjustment of fiber laser marking machine. 1. The marking power may not be felt by the naked eye. Generally, the default parameter is 50% of the output power. The greater the output power is adjusted, the greater the laser output energy, but the output power adjustment should be selected according to your actual needs. Because the output energy is too large, in the parameter setting, the power is adjusted by percentage, which will affect the laser to hit deeper.

2. If the marking frequency is high, the higher the marking frequency, the denser the laser dots, and the smoother the marking area will look. 3. Marking speed, because the overall marking speed is not only regulated by the speed parameter, the faster the speed, the faster the marking speed. The faster the speed, the less times the same place will be hit by lasers.

The slow speed of the laser marking machine is more conducive to marking depth, but it does not mean that the slower the speed, the better the marking depth, because the marking speed is too slow, and the materials produced by the laser will accumulate on the surface of the material. Moving speed. 4. Filling is mainly used to blacken alumina: one-way filling, two-way filling, mainly used in closed figures that are not related to each other. 5. The last is the pulse width. The pulse width refers to the duration of a pulse. The general fiber laser marking machine does not have the function of adjusting the pulse width. What are the advantages of the fiber laser marking machine with adjustable pulse width? The marking frequency, in The number of pulses per unit time is called the marking frequency of the fiber laser marking machine.

After seeing how to adjust the parameters of the above-mentioned fiber laser marking machine, you may have a vague idea of ​​the fiber laser marking machine. See how to operate it below. 1. Select the current pen number. 2. Generally, if you do not choose the default parameters, you have to untick them in the Use default parameters selection box.

3. Among the parameters, except for speed (mm/s), power (%), and frequency (khz), all other parameters remain unchanged. 4. Speed: Generally, it can be adjusted within 100mm/s~500mm/s. The slower the speed, the longer the marking time and the higher the output energy, the deeper and heavier the marking will be. 5. Power: It can be adjusted between 10% and 90%. The higher the hardness of the material to be printed, the higher the adjustment power.

6. Frequency: Adjust within 20khz~80khz. Increase the frequency, and the engraving will become lighter and lighter. Conversely, decrease the frequency, and the engraving will become deeper and heavier. Is the above operation very easy? Even if we are not very skilled in operating the UV laser marking machine, we can get satisfactory laser marking by using slow speed, high frequency, power 50%-60%, and moderate pulse width. mark effect. The fiber laser marking machine also pays great attention to maintenance in daily use. It not only prolongs the service life, but also avoids potential safety hazards. Next, share the daily maintenance and precautions of the fiber laser marking machine.

1. When the fiber laser marking machine is not working, the marking machine and computer power should be cut off. 2. Do not use laser equipment anymore, cover the lens cover of the field lens to prevent dust from polluting the optical lens. 3. Non-professionals, please do not overhaul when starting up, so as to avoid electric shock accidents.

4. If there is any failure of the machine, the power supply should be cut off immediately. 5. If the equipment is used for a long time, the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the lower surface of the focusing mirror. If it is light, it will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect. If it is serious, it will cause the optical lens to absorb heat and overheat and burst. One, boot steps.

① Connect the external power supply. ②Turn on the main power switch of the main control box of the equipment to check whether the water flow and water temperature are normal. ③Start the computer and enter the Everbright Laser Marking System.

④ Turn on the main switch of the laser power supply and the power switch of the Q driver (attach the control panel instructions). M1: Frequency-modulated laser control mode, suitable for guide pillars, punching needles, and templates. M2: without first pulse suppression, rarely used.

M3: Continuous output according to the output light signal, suitable for the upper seat of the independent guide post. T-on: Forcibly emit light, output laser according to the set mode. T-off: lock off, (any mode does not turn off).

RUN: Running state, the IC automatic laser marking machine outputs laser according to the computer control signal. INNER: Internal control mode (already set, please pull the switch to this position). Knob: Frequency adjustment (200-5K for white body, range about 3K, 5-50K for black body, range about 14K) 5. When the laser power READY light is on, press the laser power RUN button to light the laser krypton lamp (when When the current display is 6.5A, adjust the current to be about 12A for the black body and about 10A for the white body).

⑥ Turn on the galvanometer power switch on the main control box. ⑦Call in the graphic and set all the parameters. ⑧ Adjust the focal length, aim the infrared rays at the marking position, and start working.

Flowchart: Connect the external power supply→The main power switch POWER starts the computer and enters the cursor system→Laser power switch POWER and Q driver switch POWER (attached table for panel description)→When the READY light of the laser power supply is on, press RUN to reach a current of 6.5A→Adjust current (black body 12A, white body 10A)→Main control box galvanometer power switch→Import graphics, set parameters→Adjust focus, infrared point correction→Work. Second, shutdown steps. 1. Adjust the current to the minimum, press the STOP button of the laser power supply, and turn off the krypton lamp.

2. Turn off the power switch of the galvanometer. 3. Turn off the Q driver and the laser power switch. 4. Exit the Everbright program and turn off the computer.

5. Turn off the main control switch and cut off the external power supply. Flowchart: Adjust the minimum current→Press the STOP button to turn off the krypton lamp→Galvanometer power supply→Q drive→laser power→Exit the Everbright program and turn off the computer→master switch→Cut off the external power supply. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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