Several common faults and solutions of laser marking machines


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Several common faults of laser marking machines and the reasons why the solution does not light up: There are several reasons and solutions 1. The optical path screws of the whole machine are loose and need to be tightened. 2. There is too much dust in the gun body to prevent damage to the gun endoscope, if found, the gun endoscope must be replaced. 3. If the water tank is turned on for a long time without turning on the laser power supply, it may cause problems such as freezing and no light. If such a problem occurs, it is necessary to turn off the power of the whole machine and restart it after a while.

4. The bulb is aging or the laser power is reduced, the bulb must be replaced. 5. After working for a long time, the laser power is reduced, and the bottom cover of the gun body is opened, which needs to be adjusted in the endoscope of the gun. Fault 5: Computer FAQ Computer FAQ: There are several questions 1. Whether the graphics during processing is complicated or not, it must be checked.

2. It is best not to connect the computer of the marking machine to the Internet, because it is a separate control laser system, and the computer of the marking machine will crash due to a virus. 3. The operation is slow, please wait patiently, and do not do other illegal operations to avoid computer crash. 4. If an error occurs in the system, please be careful to prevent viruses.

The XY axis of the workbench is not in time 1. The screws of the slide rails of the workbench are loose. 2. Set the glass on the workbench according to the customer's requirements, the iron plate or the plexiglass plate can be replaced, and the balance can be adjusted under the glass. 3. The right side and the upper and lower corners of the workbench can be equipped with electronic rulers, and electronic rulers can be installed to meet the needs of customers. 4. The screw holes on the workbench are convenient for customers to locate, depending on the product.

Bounces during operation and is roughly fixed in position. The following reasons and troubleshooting methods: 1. The timing belt is stretched and deformed too long ----- replace with a new timing belt. 2. The gear reducer of the large and small gear reducer has dirt ----- clean the dirt in the small gear groove.

3. There is dirt on the drive shaft pinion ----- clean the dirt on the gear groove of the drive shaft.

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