The straight line of the laser marking machine is curved


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When many users use the laser marking machine, they find that the fonts or graphics printed by the laser marking machine are deformed. As we said in the title, the straight line is curved when the machine is turned on. What caused this situation? How to solve the problem that the straight line of the laser grinding machine is curved, let's take a look at it together. First of all, let’s talk about the reason for playing before it’s too late tonight. This is because the format of our laser marking machine has not been corrected, which will cause the printed image to appear fan-shaped, or isosceles trapezoidal, or arc-shaped. In fact, this problem is solved very well. Let's take a look at the method together. 1. We first draw a rectangle with the same size as the format on the marking machine, that is, a square, such as 175×175, and then we enter the laser marking machine parameter configuration page. 2. Enter the laser marking machine, then press F3 on the keyboard or click the parameter below to enter the parameter configuration page. 3. We will carve out this square, we can observe with the naked eye whether the four lines are deformed, and you can use a ruler to measure it. If it is deformed, we will look at the next step. 4. We can see the mirror 1 and the mirror 2 in this parameter setting. Let’s see that the mirror 1 is X. We are in the mirror 1 below, and choose to adjust our sector ratio. If it is a trapezoid, we will Adjust the ratio of the trapezoid, the original ratio is 1, we can adjust it to 1.1 first, then click OK and type the square again to see if our change has changed. If there is a change, we can pick it upside down or 0.9 until it is adjusted to a suitable size. The above is that the straight line of the laser marking machine introduced to you is curved. Only in this way can the straight line be turned into a straight line. This method can be used to correct the format problem of our marking machine, and we can also use our correction file to correct it. Correct this image of ours. The straight line of the laser marking machine is curved, generally because our machine parameters have changed, or our software has been reset, or our desktop is not very flat, that is, it is not on the same level, we can talk about it first Put the lens of the machine and the working table of the machine in a horizontal range to see if this problem is solved, if not, then correct the format to achieve the accuracy adjustment of the marking machine.

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