Laser Marking Machine Super Ruler Tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

At present, many companies are using laser marking machines to make rulers or various measuring tools. Laser printer marking rulers are very convenient, but many people do not know how to use laser marking machine rulers. Let’s use laser marking machines Take the ruler as a case to explain to you how to use the super logo of the laser marking machine. 1. Open the laser marking machine software. There is a laser button at the top of the software, and there is a super ruler plug-in inside. We open it and enter the super ruler window. 2. First click on Parameters, select Straightedge, and then confirm. Click Add on the left to enter the scale line generation condition window. For example, if we want to engrave a 10 cm ruler, our scale lines will be 11, and the position increment will be 10 mm, and then click OK. 3. Next, we add a scale of 5 mm, and click Add again. The added lines should be 21, and then there are 5 mm lines. We change the position increase to 5, and the end point y to 3. This means this The length of the line, we can make this line one or two millimeters shorter than the line above, so change it to 3, and click save. 4. Next add the millimeter scale, 10 centimeters is 100 millimeters, so the line we added is 100, and the position increment is one millimeter. We can change its line to be shorter by changing it to 2. 5. Next, add the scale value and select the scale value. The scale value is generally on the full millimeter line, that is, 10, 20, 30. There should be 10 scale lines, and the position increment is 10 mm each. Then we change the height of his position, the starting point y is 5, so that it will be displayed above, if we want to display below, we change Y to -5. 6. Then import it into the workspace, and then we will fill this file. Such a scale is completed. The super ruler of the laser marking machine is very simple. According to our above steps, many styles of rulers can be produced, such as circular arc or circular sector. The above is the laser marking machine super ruler tutorial made by Correct Pack Laser for you. Our tutorial is very simple and can be used for your practical operation. If you like our tutorial, you can give us a thumbs up. Thanks for watching, here is a video tutorial for you. Click below to play the video.

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