The three points of the laser marking machine are not together


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What is the situation that the three points of the laser marking machine are not together? What are the three points and what is their function? Everyone can understand the role of these three points in my explanation. The first point is emitted from the lens. This point is a point positioned by a person with a red light. Its function is to display the outline and position we want to engrave, which is based on the icon we actually typed or the The size ratio of the picture is the same, and we can also walk our outline. The other two points are actually the two red lights outside our lens. Its function is to adjust the focal length of our laser marking machine. The screws of the two macro-optical devices are fixed. Make two points on top of one, i.e. overlap. This will find the focal length. So the function of these two points is to locate the focal length of the lens. Let's look at the adjustment method: we don't need to adjust a point inside the lens, the point inside is adjusted through the laser marking machine software, there is a hexagon socket screw next to the two points outside the lens, we can stir this screw, bring the two points together and tighten the screw. It doesn't matter whether the three points are together or not, as long as you want to adjust it to one point, it is also possible, but in fact we only need to adjust the two red lights outside the lens to make his points coincide. The above are some problems of the three points of the laser marking machine that we introduce to you, and what are the functions of these three points. I believe that after explaining to you, everyone has a certain understanding of the red light of the laser marking machine. learn. In actual use, only the red light in the middle of the lens has the greatest effect. In fact, we can see the scale line of the laser marking machine on the furniture outside. The effect of using it is almost the same as that of the red light positioning outside.

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