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To judge the production quality of laser marking machine, there must be a reliable manufacturer behind a good fiber laser marking machine. Buying goods depends on people, and people are like goods. The successful sale of many products is very important. Part of the reason depends on the manufacturer behind it and the salesperson who is responsible for selling it, rather than its own quality and price. So, which one is better and which quality is the most guaranteed, this requires the company to pay attention to the marking machine manufacturer. Carefully observe and test with the sales staff, and judge the production quality of the laser marking machine from the perspective of the manufacturer, it can be done from the following angles:. 1. Observe the scale of the manufacturer and the number of products. The larger the scale of the manufacturer, the more stringent the product testing. Various testing departments, quality departments, warehouse departments, logistics departments, etc., their job responsibilities are for the quality of the products. For quality services, strict inspection of product quality is the beginning of the company's maintenance of its reputation. Therefore, large enterprises and large-scale enterprises are very concerned about their reputation, so their product quality can be assured, but many foreign companies because of geographical differences It is impossible to go to the manufacturer to investigate the problem on the spot. For this laser marking machine, the solution can be found in the manufacturer's brochure. 2. Check the manufacturer's promotional brochure. The promotional brochure is the face of a company. The more exquisite the brochure is, the more it shows that the company attaches great importance to its own face. Just imagine, how can a company that values ​​its own face Is there any doubt about the quality of your products, which may cause customers to slap you in the face?

3. Observe the service attitude of the sales staff. A good company will cultivate many good employees, but a good employee can produce good products. Therefore, the quality of the employee's service attitude is also reflected in a certain aspect. Whether the products they sell are good or bad, in short, the product, the salesperson, and the manufacturer are a group. For buyers, all three are very important, so learning to inspect the product from these three is helpful. Among the thousands of commodities, enterprises can choose a marking machine that they are most satisfied with, and provide the best service motivation for their production and marking services. 1. First of all, you need to be clear about what kind of product you want to mark. Products of different materials have different marking effects. There are many types of laser marking machines for UV laser marking machines, and you can choose the appropriate one according to the material of the product. marking machine. 2. Lasers of different quality are the more important factors affecting the price and quality of laser marking machines. Other functions, such as the size of the workbench and the stroke, should be selected according to their actual needs.

3. Choose laser marking machines with different powers according to the quantity of products to be processed and processing requirements. Power is the key factor affecting processing efficiency. 4. Try to choose a machine that is easy to operate and runs fast and smoothly, which can save a lot of things. 5. Finally, we need to look at after-sales service, distribution, training, equipment assembly and commissioning, warranty, etc.

1. To prevent the fiber from breaking, the pump source of the laser system and the laser head are connected by an optical fiber. The user should ensure that the fiber bending diameter is greater than 300mm during use or transportation. Severe bending will cause the fiber to break and the laser system to malfunction Work. 2. To prevent dust pollution, when the optical fiber inlet of the power supply and laser head is not connected to the optical fiber, the protective cover provided with the system must be installed to prevent external dust from polluting the internal optical components. When the optical fiber is not connected to the power supply and laser head In this state, the protective cover provided with the system must be installed on the IC automatic laser marking machine to prevent contamination of the fiber end face. If the protective cover is not installed, the internal optical components and fiber end face will be polluted, which will cause the entire laser system to fail to work normally and cause void of warranty. Speaking of which, about avoiding condensation on the fiber laser marking machine:.

First of all, the laser system should be prohibited from working in a high-humidity environment. The customer should ensure that the ambient humidity is less than 60%. When the temperature difference between the laser crystal and the ambient temperature is too large, it may cause condensation on the laser crystal, which will cause the power of the laser system to drop or be damaged. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is much higher than the set temperature of the water tank, it is strictly forbidden for the laser system to be in a state where the water cooler is only turned on and the laser head is not working. And slowly adjust the current to about 10A. When the temperature of the refrigerator is displayed at the working temperature, then slowly adjust the current to the working current. When shutting down, first slowly reduce the current to about 10A and stop the power output. Turn off the power. Then turn off the water cooler as soon as possible. If it is not working at the maximum current, you can properly increase the cooling temperature of the refrigerator. Be sure to use the laser system equipment in the specified environment. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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