The words printed by the laser marking machine turn yellow


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Many companies are using laser marking machines to mark stainless steel products, but sometimes there is a problem, that is, the printed characters are yellow. How to solve this problem and why this problem occurs, the following two of us will answer you one by one. There is a problem related to the yellowing of a word printed by the laser marking machine. The yellowing of the characters printed by the laser marking machine is actually because the power is too large. We can slightly reduce the parameter tool of the laser marking machine, which can basically solve the problem of yellowing, and then we will use the laser marking machine The speed can be adjusted a little faster to 500~800, and the frequency we generally choose is 20. Just use the default frequency. In fact, we have several ways to achieve blacking, we can set the power to 80, the speed to 100, then set the filling line spacing to 0.05, then set the frequency of marking to 20, and then set the focal length of the marking machine upwards Move 1~3 millimeters. The advantage of this is that the shooting effect is better but the speed is slightly slower. The second method is to adjust the power to 80, adjust the speed to 350, set the line spacing to 0.1, set the frequency to 50, and now set the focal length of the upper film to 1 mm. This method is much faster than the previous method. . After the above analysis, we can see that the yellow characters printed by the laser marking machine are caused by too much power or too slow speed. If we want to make white fonts, you can directly change the speed to 1000 ~3000 can solve the problem of laser marking machine very well. We can see that big black and big white are mainly controlled by the focal length, power and speed of the marking machine. We can produce the color we need by controlling these three parameters with proper application and skill. We also have a laser marking machine called mopa, which can easily make the surface black and even color. The above is the solution to the yellow fonts printed by the laser marking machine that we have analyzed for you. I hope it can help you solve the problem.

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