Laser marking machine printing two-dimensional code generation steps


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The laser marking machine software has a function to generate a QR code. It can generate a QR code according to our website or content, or dynamically input and generate a QR code according to our file. Let’s take a look at the laser in detail below. What are the steps to generate a QR code on a marking machine? 1. Enter the laser marking machine software, first click the barcode drawing tool in the toolbar, or create a text first, then change the font of the text to select the barcode font, and then select the qrdode font. 2. Then enter the font or URL we want in the text box below, so that a permanent QR code with content information can be generated. 3. Next, we click the H icon at the top of the software, which is the fill icon, to fill in the details of the QR code, so that it can become a beautiful QR code. 4. Changing the style of the QR code is in a bar code icon under the font, click it to enter the bar code window, where we can display text or not display text, we need to check it, and then we can set the QR code A base style. That is, the above 4 steps can generate our QR code. Next, we will tell you to use the file to generate the QR code. First, repeat the above shortcomings, and then click to enable variable text, so that we enter the text element window. Then we click the file below. We can use Excel or Notepad txt to edit the content of our file. Each line is a content. Then import our file link here and save it. Next, we can type a line and change a line, that is, the QR code generated each time is different, and is automatically generated according to the file. The above is the step of generating the QR code of the laser marking machine that we analyzed with you. The method is very simple. There are 4 parts in total. It should be noted that you must not make mistakes. I am afraid that the generated QR code information is wrong. We can first scan the QR code with a mobile phone to determine whether the content inside is what we want.

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