Laser marking machine thicken the border line tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Everyone knows that the photo frame of the laser marking machine is fixed. Sometimes when we make a product nameplate, there will be a problem that the border lines we draw are not thick enough. How to solve this problem, let’s take a look at the laser marking machine. Marking machine, a tutorial on thickening the border lines. 1. Enter the laser marking machine software, and then find the drawing rectangle tool, we can draw two rectangles on the software at will. 2. Next, change the length and width of rectangle 1 to 40×40, and then change the length and width of rectangle 2 to 43×43. 3. Next, we will move the 40×40 rectangle to the inside of 43×43 (drag with the mouse, if it is not easy to drag, you can use the place to origin tool to place both images at the origin) Then we switch the tool to the "graphic selection" tool, and then use the mouse to select two images, that is, to select two images at the same time. 4. Next, find the "Group" tool on our software, and merge the two rectangles into one graphic. 5. Next, we click the H icon on the top of the software, that is, the filling tool to fill this graphic, so that a thicker border will appear. Then change our length and width at will. This method is actually very simple. We can make the line thicker when making a picture, or we can directly make the picture thicker in the laser marking machine software. Our family chooses the first line. There are 2 methods to make the border thicker directly in the software.

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