Laser Marking Machine Getting Started Tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The operation of the laser marking machine is actually very simple. Basically, you can use a computer to perform laser marking very well, and you can print the desired effect. Below we will introduce the key points of the laser marking machine software to you. Let everyone easily get started with laser marking machine software. 1. File input: There are 3 ways to input files. The first one is vector files, that is, the vector files we make with CorelDRAW, Illustrator and other software. The second one is bitmap, which is also common image input. Here You can import any of our common pictures. The third is to use the software itself to draw the required graphics, which we need to cooperate with various drawing tools of the software to complete. 2. Parameter control: mainly used to control the marking power, speed and frequency. Set on the right side of the software, uncheck the default parameters, you can adjust the parameters of the laser marking machine, these parameters need to be self-aware. That is to say, the speed needs to be adjusted according to your own test. Generally, if the speed is set fast, the marking will not be too deep. The larger the power setting, the deeper the marking will be. Different materials will have different usage effects. The frequency means that if the marking frequency is high, the laser spots will be dense, and if the marking frequency is small, the laser spots will be loose. Generally, we can use the default frequency. 3. Filling: This function is very important. Whether the marking effect is good or not has a lot to do with filling. When we draw or import any graphics, it is a hollow existence. If we don’t fill it when we type it out, we can only type out the lines on the edge. There is also a very important data in the filling, which is the line spacing. As the name implies, it means the direct distance of the lines. The smaller the distance between the lines, the denser the marking effect will be. 4. Size: The size is the size setting of the marking graphic. After clicking any edited object, we will see the object property window on the left, and the setting of the size in time. This size generally corresponds to the actual size. For example, if we change this size to 30mm*30mm, the actual size will be printed out. Another thing to note is that you need to click "Apply" after each change of this size, and it will take effect only after it is applied. 5. Bottom setting function: The bottom setting includes red light preview F1, start marking F2, continuous processing, and selective processing. The red light means the red light preview. When we need to determine the marking position, we can click the red light. At this time, a red frame appears in the working area, telling us the size and position of the marking. Marking means clicking on the machine to start marking. Continuous processing means that after checking, the machine will continue to process and mark repeatedly. Selecting processing means that if we have multiple objects and we only need to process the other one, we will select it and check to select processing. This is easy to understand. In fact, the laser marking machine is very easy to operate. What we have introduced above are the settings that will appear in our ordinary operations. As long as you understand your demands and master the above points, you can operate the machine a lot.

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