The QR code of the laser marking machine cannot be scanned


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Recently, some netizens asked that the QR code of the laser marking machine cannot be scanned. What is the reason why it cannot be scanned? Let us analyze the reasons why the QR code of the laser marking machine cannot be scanned. Let's take a look together. 1. The QR code setting is blank. When we set the QR code, we did not enter the content we wanted, or pointed to a wrong URL, so the QR code generated in this way will appear to be scanned incorrectly. , we must want to check the problem of the laser marking machine QR code text. 2. The QR code is blurred when printed. This problem is determined by the material itself. If it is made of plastic, we can adjust the power and speed. We adjust the speed to 1500~3000, and the power to 10~20, so that the QR code can be clearly printed on the plastic, and on the metal material, we can increase the power a little bit and slow down the speed a little bit, which is also ok. Print out the QR code clearly. 3. The problem of QR code filling. We may have damaged part of the line filling of the QR code during setting, so the content of the QR code cannot be displayed normally, so we need to pay attention when filling in the blanks. The above is the QR code of the laser marking machine we introduced to you. It’s okay if you can’t scan the QR code. Next, we will clearly teach you how to print the QR code on the laser marking machine. You open the software and choose to draw the text, and then add it to the work area. The default text, then enter the font, select the QR code font and click Apply, so that the QR code can be generated, and then we will replace the content in the QR code with the content we need, which can be a URL or plain text . We can also set this QR code as variable text, that is, according to our needs, the QR code printed every time will be different. We open the laser marking machine software and follow the above steps, and then tick the text Heart enable text, click to add, click to add file, we can choose to edit the content we need in this file, the content is generally arranged in a vertical shape, so that the next QR code can be replaced every time it is typed, that is, a One size fits all. Thank you for reading the article of Correct Pack Laser. I hope this tutorial can help you. If you have other questions, you can consult our technical engineers.

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