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Today's laser marking machine market is very complicated and there are many brands. Two or three people can start a laser equipment company. The composition and structure of laser marking machines are simple. The current laser marking machine manufacturers are all assembled. The galvanometer, field mirror, power supply, computer, etc. are all externally purchased accessories, and then assembled into a complete laser marking machine by a laser technician. Although the structure of the laser marking machine is simple, the brands and quality of its accessories are mixed. Prices in the standard machine market vary widely. Which laser marking machine manufacturer has good quality? If you have to evaluate which laser marking machine is good in quality, you may wish to discuss it from the following aspects: 1. Whether the accessories are refurbished, second-hand, or inferior products, non-professional personnel are choosing It may be impossible to distinguish when buying, because now any product can be labeled and confused, so it is recommended to judge from the manufacturer's business scale assessment and business years; 2. There are many trading companies now, not real manufacturers, They aim to earn the price difference for profit, but any mechanical equipment, including laser marking machines, needs to have sufficient after-sales guarantee when purchasing, otherwise, once there are technical problems or machine quality problems, it will seriously affect the production efficiency, and the gains outweigh the losses; 3. No matter what product you buy, you need to shop around. The same is true for laser marking machines. The difference is that when buying a laser marking machine, you not only need to compare prices, but also pay more attention to comparing accessories brands and service attitudes. It brings a lot of convenience for future work; 4. Compared with technology, when purchasing a laser marking machine, it needs to be trained before it can be used. Therefore, famous teachers produce high-level apprentices, and the level of technical masters of laser equipment manufacturers determines what you can learn. The degree of knowledge is related to whether you can use the laser marking machine to produce perfect finished products in the process of use in the future.

5. The size of the company, the number of after-sales personnel and the geographical distance from the buyer determine whether the after-sales service response speed can be handled in a timely manner so as not to affect production. This is also one of the main factors that have to be considered. To sum up, the quality of the laser marking machine depends on the above four aspects. You can refer to the above aspects for comparison, so that you will not be deceived.

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