What should I do if the marking machine has red light but no laser?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

There may be many problems in the process of using the laser marking machine. Recently, some netizens said that the laser marking machine has the problem of red light but no laser. Let's analyze the problem of the laser marking machine with red light but no laser. and workaround. 1. Laser damage, laser damage is the biggest problem. When the laser is damaged, other working keys will be normal. Our red light and motion galvanometer can operate independently, so when the laser is damaged, it will not hinder the red light. And the galvanometer, the solution is to replace the laser. 2. The control card is damaged. If the control card is damaged, the laser data cannot be checked and uploaded to the computer, but the data of the vibrating mirror can be transmitted to the computer, so that the laser cannot be emitted. 3. The focal length is wrong. Every laser printer has its own focal length. If the focal length is not within the correct range, it is difficult for the laser to hit the surface of the object. The solution is to adjust the focal length of our lens. We can open continuous processing. Then adjust the rocker of the column until the sound from the laser is the loudest and brightest, which is our positive focal length. 4. The power supply of the laser is damaged. The power supply of the laser is 24 volts output. If the power supply is damaged, our laser cannot be connected, and the control card cannot be connected to the computer, which means that the computer is not running. We can check the 24 volt power supply of the purifier Whether there is output current, if the power supply is damaged, you can directly replace the power supply. There may be many problems with the laser marking machine, and some small problems cannot be avoided in many cases during use. If there is a problem, we can check the relevant tutorials to solve the problem or consult our laser marking machine manufacturer. In the process of operation, do not operate without knowing electricity, and must find a professional electrician to solve the problem.

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