Marking machine galvanometer disassembly tutorial


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The five steps to disassemble the laser galvanometer are as follows: 1. First, we must cut off the power supply and disconnect the power connector of the marking head under the condition of ensuring complete power failure. If some models do not have this connector, we can ignore it. 2. Remove the objective lens. During the operation, objects such as fingers should not collide with the on-site lens, especially the lens, so as not to scratch the item and cause damage. 3. Use an inner pickpocket to unscrew the marking head. Be careful during the process to prevent the removed shell board from connecting with the vibrating mirror drive board, and use too much force. 4. Unplug all wires, power wires, signal wires and wires from the motor to the driver board. 5. Remove the driver board and pack it, then remove the Y motor and X motor, pay attention to the packing. Pack the drive board and the X and Y motors together, thus completing the task of dismantling the galvanometer and sending it to the manufacturer for repair. How to remove and install the vibration lens? There are also five steps to install the laser galvanometer: 1. Install the Y motor and X motor to ensure that they cannot collide with each other at any angle. 2. Install two driver boards. 3. After connecting all the wires, test and adjust the angle and depth of the galvanometer motor to ensure that the final laser output center is the center of the field mirror. 4. Clean up the wires, arrange the length of the wires, etc. , then put all the caps of the marking head on the box. 5. Connect the external connection and restart the machine. At this point, the installation of the laser galvanometer is complete.

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