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What is a portable laser coding machine? What is Portable? In fact, our common laser coding machine is our laser marking machine, portable, which is what we call easy to move, small in size, suitable for our site requirements, easy to move during use, and not restricted by the environment. Laser coding machines are generally driven according to different marking forms. Laser coding machines can be divided into two types: marking type and our ground line. The coding machines on our market are generally marking type The scribing laser machine mainly marks out the trajectory of the characters to be marked completely, while the dot-matrix laser machine marks out some important track points of the characters to be marked. Therefore, in the case of the same energy, the printing speed of the new dot-matrix laser coding machine is faster. The Correct Pack laser coding machine can support dot matrix and also support marking and marking, which is very convenient. Principle: By using ytterbium-doped double-clad fiber as the laser medium, the high-power fiber laser can obtain a beam output close to the diffraction limit. The fiber laser is used as the base film output, and the focused spot diameter is 10 microns, which is then deflected by a computer-controlled high-speed scanning galvanometer. Change the optical path of the laser beam to realize automatic marking. Laser marking is effortless and non-contact, and has almost no impact on product quality. After marking, the texture of the font is stronger. Fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed of: fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed of fiber laser, high-speed It is composed of scanning galvanometer, marking software, industrial computer and cabinet. Among them, the fiber laser is the main core component. Fiber laser marking machine advantages: high photoelectric conversion efficiency, power saving; small size, small footprint; no chiller, completely air-cooled; long life, no consumables, maintenance-free; extremely high repetition rate, marking Fast speed; extremely high optical quality for fine marking. The main features of the portable laser marking machine are: Fast speed (Sudoku of fiber laser marking machine is generally ≥5000mm/s) High precision (the marking accuracy of fiber laser marking machine is 0.001mm, secondly, the temperature drift is also small, and the work It is relatively stable when it is used) Good effect (because of the fine light plate of the fiber laser marking machine, the shading of the marked graphics and characters is also very uniform and delicate) Super long service life (the longest service life of the fiber laser marking machine can reach 100,000 Hours, counting down to 10 years, depending on the use of life will be different, but the minimum is more than 5 years) Low power consumption (the power of the whole machine is 500 watts, which means two hours of electricity) No maintenance (fiber laser printing The marking machine does not need any maintenance, but if the use environment is relatively poor, it is recommended to wipe the focusing lens once a month) Affordable price (now the price of fiber laser marking machine has been relatively very low for a period of time) Small size and easy to move (fiber laser marking machine The standard machine is small in size, light in weight and very convenient to move. Model JC-GX-20JC-GX-30JC-GX-50JC-GX-100 Average output power 20W30W50W100W Modulation frequency range 20~200kHZ20~200kHZ50~200kHZ50~200kHZ Engraving line speed 7000mm/s Marking format 70×70mm110×110mm (optional) Minimum character height 0.2mm Repeat accuracy <24&mu;rad marking depth 0.4mm (depending on the material) minimum line width 0.06mm (depending on the material) power supply AC220V50KHz protective cover is optional.

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