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Small fiber laser marking machine generally refers to hand-held laser marking machine or portable laser marking machine. It is a type of fiber laser marking machine with small size and compact structure, which is easy to move and install. Its function is the same as that of conventional fiber laser marking machine. Consistent, all have the advantages of fine marking effect, fast speed, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. Before Correct Pack Xiaobian let you know how much it costs to buy a fiber laser marking machine, so what is the price of a relatively small fiber laser marking machine? What are the most important factors affecting the price of a laser marking machine? What? Factors affecting the price of small fiber laser marking machines Many people are very interested in the price of small fiber laser marking machines, and some people think that since it is“small”Fiber laser marking machine, will its price be cheaper? In fact, the price of a small fiber laser marking machine is related to the following factors 1. Configuration factors A small fiber laser marking machine is still composed of a fiber laser, a galvanometer, a field mirror (lens), a frame, a control card, a power supply, a connecting line, The control computer consists of several parts, all of which are indispensable. The cabinets of some small fiber laser marking machines are made of all aluminum alloy materials, and the price of sheet metal materials for cabinet fiber laser marking machines will be higher.

Small fiber laser marking machine picture 2. Factors affecting laser power The price of small fiber laser marking machines is still determined by the laser power. Generally, there are 20W fiber lasers, 30W fiber lasers, and even 50W fiber lasers. Obviously, the higher the power, the higher the relative price. High, the general price of 30W is about 1,000 yuan higher than 20W, and 50W is about 20,000 yuan higher than 30W. 3. Factors affecting the size of the manufacturer Laser marking machine manufacturers, the greater the reputation, the larger the scale, the price of natural products is relatively high, and you get what you pay for. It is precisely because of the large scale that standardized enterprises can produce Products with guaranteed quality can ensure that the follow-up after-sales service has a complete system, and there will be no complaints and other situations. That’s all for the price introduction of small fiber laser marking machines. When you buy, you must pay attention to the price in terms of performance, configuration, and power. Considering it comprehensively, in the face of this mixed market, you must shop around and consult more. Compare and finally choose the machine with higher cost performance.

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