Precautions and Troubleshooting for Small Laser Marking Machines


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

1. Precautions for small laser marking machines ①The laser is an air-cooled laser, and the working environment (room temperature) is required to be 10°C-35°C (25°C is the best). (2) It is forbidden to bend the optical fiber. If bending is required, ensure that the minimum diameter of the fiber bending circle is greater than 20 cm. ③ When any abnormal phenomenon occurs, first turn off the power of the laser and the vibrating mirror, and then check again. 2. Daily maintenance of fiber laser marking machine ①Clean the lens. It is recommended to clean before going to work every day, and the equipment must be turned off. To clean the focusing lens, gently unscrew the focusing lens from the frame, fold the lens cleaning paper a few times, wet it with cleaning solution, and then use the wet lens paper to gently wipe the lens surface several times until the mirror surface is clean and the lens surface is clean. No dust or oil stains. ②Regularly clean the dust on the surface and interior of the machine to ensure that the interior is clean. ③ Common troubleshooting 1. The software cannot be opened Check whether the power supply is connected. Check whether the air switch is off. b. There is no light on the marking line, and no red light is displayed. Check whether the laser control cable on the USB card is loose. Check whether the 24V switching power supply provided by the laser is normal. Check whether the laser cooling fan is working normally. The air switch tripped. The main circuit was damaged by components. d. The galvanometer does not move, or does not move in one direction. Check whether the XY status indicator of the galvanometer is normal. Check whether the wiring of the galvanometer is loose. Check whether the switching power supply of the galvanometer is normal. Check whether the output signal of the USB card galvanometer is normal.

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