Some introductions of UV ultraviolet laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

At present, there are several products marked on UV, such as UV laser marking machine, UV printer and so on. All can be marked on the UV layer products, and the effect after marking is obvious. Industrial production tends to use UV ultraviolet laser marking machines. The reason is that it is suitable for industrial production needs, and its advantages are as follows: 1. It can form permanent marks. The UV ultraviolet laser marking machine is a non-contact marking without consumables. During the marking process, it will physically and chemically react with the product to form a permanent mark. Difficult to erase afterwards. 2. The marking effect is obvious. The UV laser marking machine has a physical and chemical reaction with the product through laser irradiation. The marked font, text, pattern, two-dimensional code, barcode, etc. are clearly visible. Generally, it will not be wiped off when exposed to water, and the surface layer will not be blurred if it is not deliberately hung up. 3. Fast marking speed The marking speed of UV ultraviolet laser marking machine is generally 7000mm/s marking speed. A mobile phone charger parameter can be marked in less than one minute. If there is a two-dimensional code barcode, it may take a long time. One point, this marking speed is not only related to the marking content, but also related to the product material. The specific speed can be determined after proofing. 4. Irregular marking, easy to realize automation UV ultraviolet laser marking machine can mark on uneven surface or round surface, computer operation, easy editing and modification of marking content, and supports mainstream image formats. It is convenient to use the foot pedal to mark, and if necessary, it can cooperate with the assembly line to realize semi-automatic or fully automatic marking.

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