Application of green laser marking machine on glass products


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Green laser marking machine is used for internal marking of glass (green laser marking machine is also called laser engraving machine). The unique wavelength of the green laser marking machine is 532nm, which can engrave inside the glass without damaging the surface of the glass. The effect is very beautiful under the illumination of the light, so it is often used in the handicraft industry. The working principle of the green laser marking machine is the same as that of the ordinary laser marking machine. Laser marking and lettering are carried out with pulsed laser frequency. The green light is between 355nm and 1064nm. It belongs to semi-cold processing and has a unique application range. If there are special requirements in the plastic or glass crystal industry, it cannot be replaced by any other laser marking machine. . Today, green laser marking machines are widely used in wedding photos, night lights, acrylic, crystal and other industries, and the products produced are also diverse. The green laser marking machine can also be customized as a three-dimensional laser marking machine, which can engrave a three-dimensional effect. It can be carved on the spot according to unreasonable 3D graphics. The advantages of the green laser marking machine, first of all, it has higher accuracy. As some precision products, marking machines require high-precision marking to ensure the accuracy of marking and ensure that the items are not damaged. The accuracy of the green laser marking machine is below 10 μm, and the accuracy standard is extremely high, which can meet the marking requirements of most items on the market. At the same time, the frame can be neat, there is no burst point, and the position will not be deformed by heat due to being in one position for a long time, which ensures the qualified rate of item processing. Second, it has a long service life. All equipment has its own service life, which is also the production cost of the factory. The longer the service life, the lower the cost. Since the key components of the green laser marking machine are all from Germany and the United States, the process requirements are more stringent, which not only makes the equipment stable, but also prolongs the service life of the equipment. Moreover, the marking machine has high electro-optical conversion rate, low energy consumption, simple daily maintenance, and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The third is to meet the needs of individualized and batched rapid processing. With the development of people's personality, people are more and more keen on customizing products, hoping to get distinctive and unique products. The green laser marking machine just meets the needs of contemporary consumers and meets the market demand. In order to meet market demand, factories are more willing to purchase such equipment.

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