The development trend of automatic laser marking machine


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Since the birth of the laser, it has had a huge impact on people's way of life. Today, lasers are widely used for laser marking of electronic components, technical products, non-metallic materials, etc. Automated laser marking is another infinite innovation following the application of laser cutting, laser drilling, laser welding and other skills. It is a new breakthrough in processing technology, and it is a new non-contact processing, non-chemical pollution and non-abrasive new symbol processing technology. In recent years, as laser technology has been used more and more, it has made beneficial contact with computer science technology, which in turn has broken another milestone in the development of laser marking processing. 1. The difference between automatic laser marking machine and traditional marking technology Today's automatic laser marking machine has unlimited breakthroughs in traditional marking techniques, and has advantages that traditional marking machines cannot match: 1. The scale of data processing is becoming more and more Extensive, can mark and process various non-metal and metal data, especially brittle data, high melting point data, high hardness data, etc. Traditional marking machines can only handle certain non-metallic data. 2. Automatic laser marking machines are different from old-fashioned marking machines. Before marking, it is necessary to touch the surface of the processed object. However, through the integration and innovation of laser technology, laser marking can only be done through the concentrated high-energy irradiation of the laser on the surface of the processed object. This kind of indirect contact processing not only will not damage the surface of the processed object, but also has no cutting force. The marked pictures, symbols, text, etc. are of high quality. 3. Due to the high energy density of the laser, the collected laser beam is very thin, which makes the impact scale of the processed object very small, which is beneficial to reduce the loss of original data. 4. Have beneficial contact with modern automation and computer systems, and then complete the purpose of rapid processing. 5. Able to engrave and mark various codes, numbers, pictures, text, etc. 6. Used for anti-counterfeiting marks of clothing, light industry and hardware products. 2. The development status of automatic laser marking machines The development of automatic laser marking machines in my country has gone through a long period of development. The core system of the automatic laser marking machine is the marking control system, which has gone through several periods. It started with the large-format era, then the mirror-rotary era, and now the mirror-rotary era. These different eras drove the development of laser marking today. The emergence and rapid development of semiconductor laser marking machines, ultraviolet laser marking machines and fiber laser marking machines have put forward new responses to current laser marking. Today, most foreign laser marking processing methods can be divided into three methods. 1. Masking marks. For one laser pulse, one or several perfect symbols can be used. 2. Array markers. It is marked with five rows of horizontal plaques and seven rows of vertical plaques. 3. Mark by tracking. After the computer pre-manipulated the marking path, the scanning motion constituted the symbol. Nowadays, with the rapid development of computer technology, automatic laser marking machines are more and more closely related to computer technology in actual production. Now its use is being valued by domestic enterprises, and it has replaced the traditional method of signs and symbols with its powerful advantages.

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