Disadvantage analysis of fiber laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Fiber laser marking machine has many advantages on this machine. First of all, it occupies a small space, the quality of the light source is excellent, the processed items are perfect, and the required products can be produced efficiently in a short period of time. In addition, fiber lasers for other metal materials are very popular and widely used in the cutting process. A defect of the fiber laser marking machine is also a problem of the machine at present. First of all, the problem is cost. The settings of fiber laser marking machines on the market are still relatively high. Many people will not buy such products specifically, but many factories will still buy them. The cost of domestic fiber laser marking machines will be relatively low, but the quality will not be particularly good, and regular maintenance is required. In addition, the biggest flaw of the fiber laser marking machine is that when it meets the standards of semiconductor materials, the mark will be very deep, and because it uses parallel light. In addition, the welded frame he used has good stability and strong structural bending rigidity. At the same time, during the measurement process, due to the high plane of the workbench, his measurement degree is accurate. If you need to set a beautiful design pattern, you can also connect with your smartphone. He designs a wide variety of patterns, whether it is numbers, QR codes, or some cute pictures. With powerful node writing effects. His products are very good and can be widely used in the college market. Many items, whether it is the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or chips in the smart industry, can be used. In addition, even metal composite materials and some non-metallic rubber products can be easily handled, and the patterns and work efficiency are very good. Secondly, if something goes wrong during the operation, it means that it needs to be repaired. Here too, the stability of the device has changed. It can work for a long time without rest, and the maintenance is only on the basis of half a year.

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