Introduction of plastic packaging bag assembly line laser inkjet printer


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The application of laser inkjet printers in the food and beverage industry is a new trend. It can not only mark various information such as codes, logos or origins on the surface of food or packaging, but also can be marked on the outer packaging of canned products by laser inkjet coding. On the expiration date, barcode information. Zhuhai food laser inkjet printer, Zhuhai assembly line laser inkjet printer, Zhuhai laser inkjet printer uses optical fiber as the gain medium, which has a reasonable surface area/volume ratio, which is conducive to the heat dissipation performance of the equipment. Therefore, even high-power fiber lasers, The gain medium will not be damaged by heat. Generally, it is not necessary to take heat dissipation measures for the gain medium. For other types of lasers, the heat dissipation of the gain medium needs to be considered. High-power all-fiber lasers use double-clad active fibers. This double-layer fiber is a double-waveguide structure. The high-power multi-mode pump light is limited to transmission in the inner cladding with a large diameter. In order to use high-power and low-cost The multi-mode pump light provides the conditions, the signal laser is generated and transmitted in the core with a circular symmetric waveguide structure with a small diameter, and under the limitation of the small-diameter core waveguide, the signal laser can obtain high-quality beam quality and The delicate light spot is an important feature of the all-fiber laser's attractiveness. Among high-power lasers, there is no laser that can surpass it. Excellent beam quality and fine spot diameter are of great significance in laser applications, which can make the optical system of subsequent application equipment simpler, smaller in size, longer in working distance, smaller in laser focusing spot, and higher in work efficiency, etc. Laser coding applications in the food and beverage industry have the following advantages. 1. No pollution, no pollution, low processing cost, no need for printing consumables such as ink, and no peculiar smell. 2. Fast speed, high precision, stable performance, and fine lines; the laser inkjet printer has continuous working ability. It is worth noting that the application of laser inkjet printers is a non-contact and wear-free process for food packaging, so it also ensures that the products will not be damaged due to the packaging process, ensuring the stability and reliability of the products. At present, laser technology is constantly improving, such as laser marking machines, laser coding machines, laser engraving machines and other equipment are constantly innovating and changing, and strive to provide many reasonable solutions for industry application processes.

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