Introduction of service life of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

There are also many types of laser marking machines that are common on the market, such as fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, etc. Then, the life span between them is different. Compared with the fiber laser marking machine, the service life can reach 100,000 hours, which is about five or ten years. However, in the fiber laser marking machine, there are still many types of laser marking machines, and the price and configuration will affect the service life. In addition to the limited life of the laser marking machine itself, it is often caused by human factors, or the life can be properly extended by some correct methods. As time goes by, the components in the machine will be damaged to varying degrees. If the damage is serious, the machine is easily scrapped. Therefore, it is generally necessary to take care of the machine and not to do a lot of work on it. Having said that. Of course, the machine should be placed in a dry place, this is an environmental factor. Secondly, it is necessary to control the machine to work with appropriate power during use, so that the machine can be well protected. Followed by hygiene. Do not underestimate the work in this area, because it is still very important. We should ensure that the surrounding environment is not only clean, but also free from a lot of dust, because when dust enters the machine, it will hinder the operation of the machine and damage the machine to a certain extent. When using the laser marking machine at ordinary times, try to reduce the use of the laser, and do not turn it on when it is not necessary. Then, if there is a problem with the machine, it must be repaired in time. Do not let the machine work with injuries. This will only increase the burden on the machine, and the maintenance cost in the later period will become higher and higher. In short, the above content is a brief description of the life and length factors of the laser marking machine, and also shows you some related content about machine maintenance. Although the content is simple, but very practical, I hope it can really help you! .

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