Specifications for the use of laser engraving machines


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The laser engraving machine has been improved many times, and its safety has been greatly improved. However, we still need to pay attention to security risks. After all, it belongs to high-power laser equipment. When operating the laser engraving machine, operate it correctly and carefully read the safety precautions of the laser engraving machine to avoid personal injury or property loss caused by irregular operation. First, read the instruction manual of the laser equipment. Before operating the equipment, we must ask the operator to carefully read the "Laser Laser Engraving Machine User Manual" and related operating manuals, strictly abide by the operating rules, and non-professionals are not allowed to start the machine. 2. Understand the characteristics of laser equipment The radiation of laser equipment may cause combustibles, and some products may be smoked during laser processing, so preventive measures need to be taken. It is recommended to wear a mask and keep ventilation. Hazards from high or potentially high voltages exist in laser equipment. Non-professionals should not disassemble the machine to avoid click accidents. It is forbidden to place reflective objects around the laser equipment to avoid personal injury caused by beam refraction. The equipment environment should be free of static electricity, pollution, vibration and strong battery interference. The indoor temperature should be kept between 5-40°C as much as possible, and the working voltage of the equipment should be 220v to keep the voltage stable. Third, meet safety standards. After the person leaves, the power supply of the machine will be cut off. When the operator finds that the machine is abnormal during operation, he will immediately cut off the power supply and contact relevant technical personnel. The laser device can only be switched on if it is grounded. Non-professionals are forbidden to open any cover, try to avoid skin, eyes and other direct laser beam.

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