Working principle of fiber laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Fiber laser marking machine refers to the fiber laser used for marking machine. It has a relatively small size, no cooling water device, cold air treatment, does not take up space, good beam quality, and many people do not need to maintain the machine. This is good. Now, after upgrading and improvement, because the maintenance cost of the machine can be reduced, the service life of our machine can be greatly improved, and many things have become clear and clear, making it more convenient for users to use. Fiber laser marking machines are widely used in the market. When making various chips (including computer accessories, clocks, mobile computers and other electronic equipment), what you may not have thought of is that many cars also have shops, molds, wires, etc., which are marked in many fields in the military. There are also many large and small fields, so fiber laser marking machines are still widely used. The laser beam of the fiber laser marking machine is used to process the surface of some products. With the emphasis on high quality and high energy, the product can quickly undergo small-scale chemical reactions, leaving traces on the product little by little, and the effect is still very good. No matter what the material of any product is, the surface is very smooth after being pasted on, and naturally it will not be rough. It can well protect the protective layer of the original product or a material on its surface, which has a great protective effect on the original product. In addition, the fiber laser marking machine is different from many traditional processing methods, it does not need to consume too much material, it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the operation is very simple and convenient, it is not difficult to operate, it will not deform the product, and the operation is flexible. Due to these good features, fiber laser equipment has been widely used. With the development of many technicians and technology, all functions will gradually improve, and technology is not just changing. I think the price will be more favorable, but it is still a bit expensive at present, but the cost can be reduced later.

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