Ultraviolet laser radium engraving machine delay solution


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The wide range of applications of UV laser engraving machines has penetrated into our lives. But as we all know, it is the machine that will go wrong, and the ultraviolet laser engraving machine is no exception. Today we are going to talk about the delay of the ultraviolet laser engraving machine in the process of reaching the standard. The time delay of ultraviolet laser engraving machine is generally divided into the following points: First, judge. Press the Enter key to keep consecutive markers. When the main beam rises and falls, observe the brightness of the laser beam on the workbench and listen to the marking sound. When the point plane is strongest, the sound is loudest. After focusing, turn off the start switch and fix the main beam. In this way, we can judge whether there is a delay through the sound. Second, optical delay. The laser delay time for the marking start of the UV laser engraving machine. The "matching head" at the start of marking can be eliminated by setting an appropriate switch delay parameter. However, if the switch delay parameter is set too high, the laser setting at the beginning will be lost, resulting in an error in the transmittable value, and the laser marking time will be advanced. This will change from late to early. Third, turn off the lights with a delay. Turn off the delay time to mark the end of the laser. Setting an appropriate ignition delay parameter can eliminate the phenomenon that the marking is not extinguished when the marking is completed, but setting too much ignition delay will cause "match heads" to appear at the end. This situation is not good, so the setting of the delay time should be within a certain reasonable range. Regarding the description and solution to the delay problem of the ultraviolet laser engraving machine, the editor suggested that only by fully understanding the equipment can the problem be solved in a timely and accurate manner. Therefore, it is recommended that users who use ultraviolet laser engraving machines know more about its performance and structure.

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