The difference between UV laser marking machine and red laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

We are talking about a UV laser marking machine with a wavelength of 355 or 266, and I have a red fiber laser marking machine with a wavelength of 1064. Violet light and red light differ not only in wavelength, but also in other places. Let's introduce it together. Ultraviolet laser marking machine; The ultraviolet laser used in the laser has a shorter wavelength of 266 nanometers or 355 nanometers, and its beam quality is superior among several laser beams. The energy of a single photon is large, and it is used to break the chemical reaction between the material molecule and the material to form an engraving. This technology belongs to cold processing technology. It is less affected by heat and will not cause too much thermal reaction to processed products. The processing line width is generally thinner between 10 microns.. The characteristics of purple light itself, high energy can directly destroy the molecular bonds on the surface of many non-metallic materials , The surface of the parts processed by cold light treatment technology is smooth. Moreover, the superiority of violet light can be focused on the sub-micron level, so it can be used to process fine parts, and even at low pulse energy levels, it can obtain high energy density and effectively process materials. Red laser marking machine: The wavelength of the red laser marking machine is 1064 microns. In material processing, the physical and chemical reaction between the heat of strong light and high-density light and the material itself is generally used to achieve the purpose of marking. Many plastic markings will produce a large thermal reaction when encountering high heat, causing scorching and other phenomena. The effect of typing is not obvious. Metal products are less affected by heat when burned under strong light, the marks are clear, and the speed is relatively fast. The beam quality is relatively average, and the single photon quality is relatively small. Because some products do not absorb red light, there is no reaction to the processing of some products, and there is no effect.

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