Application and advantages of UV laser marking machine


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Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to the laser marking machine series products, actually equipped with 355nm ultraviolet solid laser, this type of laser marking machine adopts the third-order intracavity frequency doubling Compared with the infrared laser, the 355nm ultraviolet spot is extremely small and finer, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the processed material and the processing heat-affected zone is small, so it is mainly used in ultra-fine marking and engraving, especially widely used in food and pharmaceutical packaging Material marking, nano micro-engraving, rapid division of glass materials and complex graphic cutting of silicon wafers and other application fields. Advantages of UV laser marking machine 1. Flexible application, simple operation, and powerful software; 2. Equipped with imported purple laser, stable output light power, fine spot, strong stability, and superior performance; 3. Small thermal energy influence, reducing material Mechanical deformation, ultra-fine marking, high precision; 4. Small heat-affected zone, avoiding damage to processed materials, high yield; 5. Environmental protection, no pollution, no consumables, maintenance-free, long life, and low maintenance cost. At present, the handicraft industry will use glass products, acrylic products, crystal and other materials to make exquisite patterns, which are deeply loved by users. For a single material, glass is artificially synthesized by melting silicon dioxide and other chemical substances. Although the beauty of light and shadow and imagery are beautiful, they are too single, so craft artists and designers use various utensils to carve exquisite patterns, photos, text, etc. on glass and acrylic to add color to handicrafts. Traditional glass carving, knives Engraving has been far behind the needs of production. The birth of the UV laser marking machine perfectly solved the traditional process of drawing complex, difficult, low precision, low efficiency, damage to materials and other deficiencies, with its unique unique processing advantages It has become the new darling of the glass and other handicraft processing industries, and has been included in the indispensable and necessary processing equipment for various wine cups, carton packaging, craft gift industry, and special ultraviolet laser marking machines for plastic shells.

The UV laser marking machine software can support all national language environments, font styles, and can edit the pattern LOGO at will, automatic two-dimensional code barcode, automatic number jumping and other processing requirements, blessings, confession, etc. The UV laser marking machine can be edited at will The words or patterns you want to say are engraved on the product, showing casual romance.

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