Ultraviolet laser marking machine beam introduction


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The most important thing about UV laser marking machine is the beam. If the beam is not good, the marking of the machine will not be very good, and the effect will not be very good. So today, what is the beam of the UV laser marking machine? How is this beam different? Let us talk to you now. In fact, the beam can emit a lot of light, among which the beam of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is purple light, and other machines may have beams of other colors, such as green light and yellow light. Therefore, each beam of different colors may also represent different properties and different functions. The purple light we are talking about today has a high beam value, and its functions and effects are very good. The contrast of the beam of the ultraviolet laser marking machine will make its effect more obvious. First of all, for our red laser marking machine, this method is mainly reflected in the good effect of UV laser, or the one with better light concentrating effect, it is difficult for him to process many fine and small products. In addition, red lasers are not suitable for processing small items. First, he didn't have a UV laser marking beam to focus on. But since they are all received here, we also need to understand a relatively objective phenomenon. It does not mean that all UV laser markings have the same performance. Their beams are the same, but there are still some differences. Beams between them of different models, different voltages are likely to cause some differences, and the end result will be slightly or greatly different.

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