Application of UV laser marking machine on glass products


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

As a brittle material, glass has a uniform texture, good transparency, smooth surface and corrosion resistance. It is used in electronics, instrumentation, construction, daily use, medical, chemical, household, nuclear engineering and other fields. Glassware has always been loved. From small cups and drink bottles for daily use, to glass walkways in the mountains, there are glass statues on the glass curtain walls in buildings. Characters, patterns, company logos, etc. can be marked due to high transparency. It often has a good effect on glass, which has become a means for many glass manufacturers to increase the added value of their products. Beverage bottles or even ordinary mineral water, glass bottles instead of traditional plastic bottles, coupled with exquisite and interesting designs, have become souvenirs worth collecting. Luxurious clear glass red wine bottle, covered with a layer of silver on the surface, painted with gold pearlescent lacquer, has an egg-shaped outline, and the bottle agent Provocateur is laser engraved. There are also some savvy businessmen who use on-site laser marking to customize eye-catching ways, draw patterns and text by computer, and engrave them in perfume bottles through laser engraving machines. The whole process can be completed in less time. More than 10 minutes so that you can buy a "unique" fragrance. With the improvement of people's living standards, glass handicrafts are more and more sought after by people. Ordinary glass is endowed with fine lines and becomes an artistic decoration. The design of the glass is great, but it's not from man-made engraving, but from the charm of technology - laser marking machine. Due to the brittle nature of glass, engraving on the surface of a glass article requires a higher level of craftsmanship. Compared with ordinary marking methods, laser marking technology has high processing efficiency, and the marking products are exquisite and detailed, and do not require materials. Energy-saving and easy to maintain, it is the best choice for glass products processing. Correct Pack laser semiconductor UV laser marking machine can be used for marking of special materials, fine cutting and micro processing. It can be used for marking and surface treatment of various glass and LCD screens. The excellent quality of the laser beam provides the user with near-perfect marking results.

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