Do you know all the little knowledge about UV laser marking machines?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is a modern and leading precision processing method. Compared with traditional printing, hand engraving, mechanical engraving, EDM, abrasive tool characterization, etc., ultraviolet laser marking machine has many advantages: in processing , UV laser marking machine can quickly complete surface burr removal, character and logo marking, anti-counterfeiting marking, product number and bar code marking. In addition to marking the product, it can also be used for drilling, cutting, welding and other functions in one. It can be used for surface marking of glass, polymer materials and other objects, micro-hole processing, flexible PCB board, LCD, TFT marking It is a high-performance laser equipment for marking, dicing and cutting, metal or non-metal coating removal, silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing, etc. In terms of daily maintenance and use, the UV laser marking machine has the advantages of strong flexibility, high electro-optic conversion rate, and convenient maintenance. The UV laser marking machine is suitable for fields with high requirements for smoothness, fineness, and depth. The high-energy laser focuses on the surface of the plastic product and instantly vaporizes the surface material, leaving permanent traces, packaging bottles (boxes) of glass, polymer materials, food, medicine, cosmetics, wires and other polymer materials, flexible PCB boards, LCD, TFT marking and other materials are all within the scope of application of UV laser marking machines.

Regarding the selection of equipment, customers can choose lasers according to their own materials, so what is the price of the UV laser marking machine? A complete set of equipment includes vibrating mirrors, field mirrors, software, lasers, etc., and the lasers are made in China and imported, and the price of the laser is different according to the power, so there is no evaluation of the price, the most important thing is to look at the actual process According to the demand, find the most suitable equipment to have the actual price. The price can be evaluated according to the power model configuration from tens of thousands to tens of thousands.

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