How much power is suitable for the UV laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Ultraviolet marking machine can also be regarded as a kind of smart equipment in today's society, and it is still much thinner. It is a kind of marking machine welcomed by many families. The price will be more expensive than other marking machines, mainly because the effect is good and the spot produced is small. At the same time, it can reach the standard according to the material, and generally will not damage the raw material. Moreover, it is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with a wide range of uses, small size, no space, and no cost. At present, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has comparative advantages, and is very intelligent. It uses a wide range of materials, including some metal materials and non-metal materials, and can realize the marking function. In addition, its power can be roughly divided into 5 types, including 1.5 W, 3 W, 5 W, 19 W and 15 W. In the market, UV laser marking machines use more power. Relatively speaking, the higher the power The higher the price, the higher the price will be. Therefore, the greater the power, the wider the scope of application. So, here's the obvious answer, but I have a small suggestion. If you can afford it, use a 5-watt device, because the 1.5-watt device has high scalability and large space, but its performance is still a bit poor. Compared to 10 watt and 15 watt devices, the price is true and will be relatively high. But it is not absolutely saying that the higher the power of the UV laser marking machine, the better the marking effect, but the higher the power, the higher the cost, because the power consumption and other connections will be somewhat large. In addition, if the material can achieve satisfactory results with three tiles, the effect without tiles will be the same, unless you really need a very fine and difficult marking material, then you can buy a higher one.

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