How to realize the visual marking supporting system and automation


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The visual laser marking machine system is composed of a complete set of hardware and software, which can be matched with marking, welding and cutting. Greatly improve the marking effect and marking quality. Our professional term for visual marking is CCD visual positioning and marking system. It captures real shots through the camera, and within its range can be accurately marked, and it can be placed randomly, which greatly improves the marking efficiency. Visual positioning and marking Marking is not just that, if it is used in micro-hole processing, marking will be more accurate and the deviation range will be lower. The laser marking machine visual marking system can be used for grabbing and marking small parts, and can also be used for blind hole processing. It can be used in a scene to complete a series of markings on a flat workbench, and can also complete a series of markings on the assembly line. For series work, the rotary table can also achieve precise machining and other scene applications.

Generally speaking, the visual marking supporting system of laser marking machine is to provide a perfect solution for marking and improve marking efficiency. For some difficult marking, it is necessary to use the visual marking supporting system. The laser marking machine has high requirements for efficiency. High ones can also consider using a matching visual marking system. What we see most about laser marking machines on the Internet is that it is easy to automate. Laser marking machines can indeed be fully automatic or semi-automatic. So how do we achieve this? We need to rely on some auxiliary accessories, such as manipulators and assembly line work table, vibrating plate, etc. First of all, let's talk about how to use the laser marking machine with the assembly line. We all know that it is more suitable to use the flying laser marking machine with the assembly line. Then this laser marking machine needs to prepare the flying mark mode. It can’t be used, because its speed will be faster than our manual operation. Another advantage of assembly line marking is that the marking position is generally at the same position of the product, unlike manual operation, which may shift.

The vibrating plate is generally installed before the assembly line. It can be used together with the assembly line to reduce manual operations. The use of the vibrating plate depends on whether the product is suitable. Of course, some factories complete the assembly line in one go without vibrating plate. The assembly line completes the marking, which realizes the full automation in the sense of a real UV laser marking machine. Let's talk about the manipulator again, which is what we call robot marking and robot welding. This kind of material can be loaded and unloaded without manual operation. It can also be said to be fully automated. The marking effect is also more accurate than manual feeding. , the general marking part is also the same position. In fact, there are more than these auxiliary accessories that can realize full automation. It is mainly determined according to the actual needs of customers. Due to the limited text description, here are three representative auxiliary accessories. If the marking needs to be fully automated, please report your needs. We Solutions and some auxiliary accessories that need to be used will be made according to the needs.

Fiber optic equipment is widely used in heavy industry production. The marking of important parts such as automobile welding and cutting automobile engines that we see may need to use fiber laser equipment. We use fiber laser equipment with low power for marking, and those with high power can be used for marking. Cutting, laser welding and other work. The air-cooled fiber laser marking machine is also very stable, and the volume is small. The laser can be installed on a small laser marking machine. It is what we often call a portable desktop laser marking machine, and a portable all-in-one machine. The most IC automatic laser marking There are also portable handheld laser marking machines near the machine. These machines generally use fiber laser marking machines. Of course, portable laser marking machines also have purple light and co2, but their lasers are large, occupying a large volume and weight It is also heavier than optical fiber, and it is not so convenient to move. The fiber laser marking machine is divided into ordinary models and upgraded models. It is also the mopa laser marking machine we often say, the aristocrat of the fiber laser marking machine. It is characterized by a wide range of adjustable pulse widths and better printing effects. It can also produce black effect on metal products. The fiber laser marking machine mentioned above is mainly used for metal materials, also known as metal laser marking machine. There are many products we use are made of metal, which means it can be used It can also be applied to many products, and it can also be used in non-metallic materials. For example, some PC and ABS plastic products can also be marked.

The cheapest marking machine on the market is the fiber laser marking machine. Compared with the purple laser marking machine, the fiber laser marking machine is more than half cheaper. It is widely used and its stability in power output is also quite Well, a series of marking work can be completed normally. Zhuhai Correct Pack is a well-known laser equipment manufacturer in China. It has been focusing on the development and production of laser equipment for 12 years, providing customers with a complete set of laser equipment solutions, and creating cost-effective laser equipment. Main business: UV, co2, fiber laser marking machines, laser radium engraving machines And other cost-effective laser equipment, national service hotline: 400-0098-266

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