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What are the cooling methods of the UV laser marking machine? The UV laser marking machine is widely used because it uses a laser with a wavelength of 355nm. Because of its low thermal effect, it can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the product. Plastic, glass, ultra-fine marking products with high requirements for laser engraving on the surface, especially suitable for the pharmaceutical and food packaging industry, micro-hole drilling, glass industrial product industry and silicon wafer cutting and other industries. The powerful function of the UV laser marking machine is not only due to its laser with a wavelength of 355nm, but also closely related to its cooling method. Next, the editor of Correct Pack will take you to understand the important influence of the cooling method on the UV laser marking machine. . The UV laser marking machines produced and sold by Correct Pack are equipped with two machine types: water-cooled and air-cooled. So what are the advantages and disadvantages in the process of use? The following analyzes the production costs and usage areas.

The water-cooling method is equipped with a laser-specific chiller when producing UV laser marking machines, which can effectively cool down, protect the light output rate of the UV laser, and improve the marking quality, and the equipped chiller has constant temperature intelligent temperature control, which is suitable for different regional locations , Different use occasions, such as the temperature difference between the north and the south, the temperature control system of the chiller is particularly important at this time. We know that the temperature in winter in the north is below zero, but the operating temperature requirement of our UV laser marking machine is 10°-30°, At this time, the chiller is needed to play its role. For the same reason, the temperature in summer in the south is above 35 degrees. At this time, the chiller needs to intervene and adjust. The equipment of the laser chiller will undoubtedly increase the cost of the manufacturer. According to the chiller with different cooling capacity and different brands, the market price ranges from 3,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

The air-cooled UV laser marking machine, as the name suggests, reduces the chiller and integrates the air-cooled UV laser. From the perspective of volume, it is undoubtedly more compact and lightweight than the water-cooled UV laser marking machine, with a small footprint. , easy to use, comes with a fan for cooling, easy to integrate the control system is equipped with a temperature detection unit, which can serve the production line processing more safely and efficiently. Mainly used in 3D printing, flying marking, 3c industry. The research and development of the air-cooled UV laser has greatly saved the production cost of the UV laser marking machine, and has made great contributions to saving costs for both laser equipment manufacturers and users.

But the only shortcoming is that the air-cooled laser has very strict requirements on the temperature of the use site, and the general requirement is 15°-30°In order to play a better effect. Above, through a simple comparison, I believe that everyone already knows how to choose to buy a UV laser marking machine. In summary, it is based on the specific analysis of your own use, and it is best to choose the one that suits you.

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