What are the factors affecting the speed of fiber laser marking machine


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Many customers who own fiber laser marking machines abandon the traditional processing methods because of the advantages of fast marking machine speed, no consumables, no pollution, high precision, and long life, so production efficiency and processing speed are naturally considered by customers. One of the most important factors, so what are the factors that affect the speed of the fiber laser marking machine? The factors that affect the speed of fiber laser marking machine are mainly divided into two factors: the machine itself and the processed items. Main components, for the same item, the greater the power of the laser, the more advantageous the processing speed, especially for large-scale marking and deep engraving. Secondly, the configuration parameters of the galvanometer and the response speed of the software also determine the laser quality. processing speed. Therefore, when purchasing a laser marking machine at the beginning, you must be optimistic about the configuration of the whole machine, and each accessory is required to be produced by a company with a high brand reputation. 2. The parameters of speed, frequency and power of marking software not only determine the processing effect but also determine the speed of the processed product. In addition, the filling method and the choice of filling density are also a factor worth considering for optimization. The greater the filling density, the more The more routes the laser needs to take, the natural marking speed will decrease, so it is very necessary to optimize the filling density after confirming the effect.

Factors of processed items mainly include the following factors: 1. The same marking content and different depths of processed items also have different marking speeds. The deeper the marking depth, the slower the marking speed, because the engraving depth of the marking machine needs to be scanned over and over again The surface is deeper, so the increase in the number of markings will undoubtedly increase the marking time and affect the speed of the laser marking machine. 2. For the same material, the larger the marking area, the slower the laser marking speed. This point can be easily understood by everyone without explanation. The above is a brief summary of several factors affecting the speed of the fiber laser marking machine by the editor of Correct Pack. If you want to speed up your own marking speed, you can first optimize the above points. I hope it can help everyone. Correct Pack It is a manufacturer of laser marking machines in Zhuhai. The price of laser marking machines is close to the people, reasonable and cost-effective. Welcome to inquire.

The above are the techniques for improving the marking speed of the fiber laser marking machine. I believe that if you follow these methods, you can increase the marking speed and create higher benefits.

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