What are the functions of laser marking machine


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Laser marking machine is a kind of marking on the surface of various materials by laser beam. Laser marking machine is widely used in many fields such as electronic devices, hardware products and auto parts. So what are the laser marking machines? What is the effect? The function of laser marking machine: Two-dimensional text, can be typesetting in arc, can fill in two directions with optional angle and settable distance (two-way filling is required for mobile phone keyboard marking), similar to the scanning function of engraving machine. At normal operating speeds, filling and summarization need to cooperate accurately, and provide a certain compensation function when the speed is fast. Dots, click once on the screen to become a microwell, and then array.

The continuation time of each point can be set when hitting. Provide the function of automatically jumping numbers according to the set initial value and step value. Sometimes it is necessary to mark a person's name or other text, and automatically output the text content one by one through the externally loaded txt file that has been sorted.

Functions such as array, copy, precise movement of objects, rotation, alignment, etc. Can receive bitmap and plt, dxf and other format files..

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