What is the function of laser marking machine


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

Non-contact processing. The laser marking machine can converge multiple beams of high-energy lasers into a very small bright spot on the surface of the product. By controlling the computer control system, the highlights can be moved according to the set program in the performance of the processed product, so that we can get the desired pattern after the end. During non-contact processing, no human intervention is required on the processed items. As long as the computer program is set up, a perfect processed product can be obtained, which is mainly used for handicrafts with relatively precise parts or very demanding requirements. And it will not be deformed by external force during and after processing. In addition, the laser marking machine uses the laser to penetrate the inside of the processed product, and prints through the laser. The marking machine can be stored on it, which is not easy to be erased or naturally worn, and is not affected by the environment. The laser marking machine can converge multiple laser beams into extremely thin beams, and move at high speed in a short period of time, even reaching a moving speed of 7 meters per second. The marking process is very fast and can even be completed within a few seconds, and the printed design can be changed at any time, which can save the traditional molding process. At the same time, the logo on the product can be very accurate and precise, with almost no errors. If the product is anti-counterfeiting with a laser marking machine, it is not easy to exchange it. Laser marking machines can process and mark a variety of materials with high efficiency and low cost. Although the purchase cost of laser printers is higher than that of traditional machines, the later operation costs are relatively low, which is very suitable for large-scale marking enterprises.

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