What laser marking machine is suitable for the engraving of gemstones and emeralds


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The marking range of the ultraviolet laser marking machine, then we need to understand this structure. The UV laser marking machine is mainly composed of consoles, lasers and other equipment. In the process of processing, some substances will be produced, and finally the marking effect will be achieved. It's so easy to stamp your favorite patterns on your favorite items. But there are many different types of marking machines on the market, and they also have different functions and application ranges. The UV laser marking process is very fast, and it is marked with purple light, so the marking pattern is quite perfect, with less error, environmental protection, and no gas. At the same time, its performance is very good, and it is also a popular laser marking machine. Now let's talk about whether the UV laser marking machine is suitable for emerald marking. Actually not. First of all, the UV laser marking machine is more suitable for marking some glass and cosmetics, and can even process some electronic components. Since it is suitable for so many products after processing and has a wide range, why is it not suitable for processing jadeite? First of all, the performance of the linear ultraviolet laser marking machine is not suitable for jadeite. In addition, the material of emerald is different. It's a transparent and breakable thing. If our laser is set on emerald, there will be a temperature deviation. So such an expensive jadeite will be damaged, so it is really not suitable to use a UV laser marking machine to mark jadeite. If appropriate, there will be other machines to mark the emeralds. In fact, it is a laser engraving machine. This kind of machine is more suitable for jadeite, but its working speed is relatively slow. It is also suitable for processing some stones and precious objects, and will not damage jadeite, because it is like UV laser marking. These machines will damage the material due to the high temperature.

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