Why is there such a big gap in the price of laser marking machines?


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

This article mainly shares with you the problem of the price difference of the laser marking machine, and tells you why our price cannot be done very cheaply. Last year, we released a video about the price of laser marking machines. So far, more than 50 netizens have asked us for quotations, and 90% of them think our price is too high, so they take a 20w low-power portable device. For example, some manufacturers can do it in the early 60s or even more than 5,000, why can't we do it? Today we will tell you the reason, which is also an unspoken rule of the industry. I hope everyone will listen carefully and avoid being fooled. Let's first talk about the main components of the laser marking machine, which are composed of a laser, a vibrating lens, a control card, and an electrical control part. The Correct Pack laser uses a laser with sufficient power, a vibrating lens from a well-known manufacturer, and a genuine control card. These account for a large part of the cost, as well as the electrical control part. We use genuine Taiwan Mean Well power supplies, pirated The price of the original can be around 30, and the price of the genuine version will reach about 300. If the required accessories are reduced to the normal operable range, the cost will be reduced by 1,000 to 2,000 yuan. Then why doesn't Correct Pack Laser sell such low-configuration machines? Because this kind of low-configuration machine is unlucky, it is difficult to guarantee long-term normal operation. Although we have promised warranty, it will bring a lot of trouble to both parties, delay the production time of customers, and increase our after-sales costs. This is really not worth the loss, and we are not the kind of company that sells the equipment and ignores it. Someone asked again, why not choose to earn a few hundred dollars and forget about it. Then I will ask you to earn hundreds of dollars. During the two-year after-sales period, I often help customers solve product process problems and technical problems. Who has the patience to provide you with high-quality after-sales services under the premise of earning hundreds of dollars? ? Therefore, the positioning of our products is to ensure that the quality of equipment is the best under the condition of not making much money.

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