Cause Analysis And Solution Of Discoloration And Ink Breaking Of Fl...

July 31, 2021

The core component of inkjet printer is the nozzle, and the printing medium is ink. The quality of inkjet printing depends on the organic combination of the two.

The brief introduction of inkjet principle is that the nozzle regularly vibrates many small ink particles onto the workpiece through the excitation of each orifice voltage to form a pattern. Understanding this principle is good to understand the causes of some problems in the printing process.

Flying ink, discoloration and broken ink are common printing quality problems. The main reasons are the nozzle and ink. There are generally two reasons for the nozzle: 1. The distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is inappropriate. Maybe the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece is not set properly, or the surface of the workpiece is uneven and the printing distance is uncertain. Discoloration is also related to distance. 2. The spray hole on the nozzle is partially blocked, resulting in problems such as oblique spray or no spray.

There are generally two reasons for ink, and they are more common. The main reason is that the excitation effect of electricity on ink becomes worse. 1. The ink does not need to be precipitated and deteriorated for a long time, and the above phenomenon will occur when there is less work for electric customers or the color is single. 2. Too low temperature will cause the ink viscosity to increase, which is not conducive to controlling the vertical falling direction.

The solution is to maintain the nozzle, wash and change the ink pad frequently, keep the nozzle clean, wash the nozzle with alcohol appropriately, keep the working environment temperature at about 25 degrees, and the humidity should not be too dry. Use the new ink of the current month as much as possible. If you don't need to pump out the ink in the ink pipe for a long time, inject it back into the ink cartridge, and draw the ink again before printing.

In addition, if one color is applied for too long at ordinary times, it will also affect the failure of other colors of the nozzle. The reason is that other colors have solidified and blocked the nozzle for too long in the air. It is recommended to turn on the flash spraying function, and make the nozzle test line on the same day, and clean and draw ink according to the situation.

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