Good Cleaning At Ordinary Times And Less Trouble in Using Gluing Eq...

July 21, 2021

Some dispensing machine customers' on-site operators often call to report that the gluing equipment has a problem and can not operate normally. Let's go to the site to solve the problem. After the after-sales service personnel arrive at the site, they only need to clean and correct the relevant parameters, that is, they return to normal.

It can be seen that most of the problems of the equipment are not the problems of the gluing machine itself. As long as the on-site operators pay more attention to some details and pay attention to cleaning at ordinary times, the equipment can maintain long-term stable operation and always apply qualified adhesive strips.

1、 Precautions for use of drums A and B

1. Regularly check the pressure of the material tank to ensure that the working environment of the material bucket is clean and the material bucket is stored in a ventilated place.

2. Do not screw all valves at will.

3. Regularly check the cleanliness of the conveying pipeline to ensure that the conveying pipeline is free of gas and impurities.

4. Clean the glue in time after each application, otherwise the glue solidifies and blocks the valve. When dispensing again, the glue will not point out. And the next time another glue is used for gluing, it will cause a variety of glue to mix, and then there will be problems with the product quality.

2、 Check the pipeline and valve body regularly to avoid blockage

The operator shall regularly check the pipeline and valve body, find and deal with the blockage problem, and ensure that the pipeline and each channel are unobstructed, which will greatly reduce the probability of failure of the gluing machine.

3、 Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance during shutdown

Many customers' gluing machine equipment is not working every day. During the shutdown period, the equipment is in an unmanaged state. If the maintenance is not done, it will bring hidden trouble to the next production. If every equipment operator can enhance their sense of responsibility and maintain the equipment regularly, the frequency of failure will be greatly reduced.

If the operators of dispensing machine can do the above, the stability of the equipment can be guaranteed to a certain extent and the service life of the equipment can be increased. I hope all customers can learn from it.

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