How To Use The Automatic Paging Machine

August 14, 2021

1. The copy must be made from the last page of the original. The pager is generally 15 grids, and the copy can be divided into 15 copies. When the copy exceeds 15 copies, it is necessary to copy 15 copies first, and then copy the remaining copies.

2. When using the automatic sorting machine, the paper in the carton needs to face upward, so that there will be no error when the copy enters the sorting grid. Usually, each layer of paging cell can hold about 30 pages of copies, which is prone to paper jam when it exceeds. Therefore, when there are too many copies, they need to be removed during copying and placed separately. After all copies are completed, the two parts will be stacked together for binding.

3. When the automatic document feeder is used together with the pager, it is necessary to prevent the copy problem caused by the deflection of the original, so that the defective products are clamped into the copy and difficult to find. Therefore, during the copying process, you should always pay attention to the copy on the top layer of the pager. Generally, as long as this page is OK, the following multi-layer copies will be good.

4. When the automatic document feeder and the automatic pager are used at the same time, if the original size is different and the copy score is above the number of paged copies, you can copy the remaining number of paged copies of the pager first.

5. When making multiple copies of multi page originals with different colors, you can also copy the remaining copies with unified colors first, and then make multiple copies with the copy as the original to avoid the problems caused by repeatedly adjusting the development concentration.

6. When using the automatic sorter, it is necessary to select the copy paper with good finish and appropriate size, and shake the paper in the carton before copying to fully shake it. Otherwise, if it is stuck together due to electrostatic attraction, there will be copy defects or paper jam, resulting in pagination errors.

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