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In recent years, laser marking technology has been used more and more in the field of engraving. Laser marking machines can be applied to various materials including plastic and rubber, metal, silicon wafers, etc. Laser marking machines are simple and easy to operate. Knowledge, you can operate the laser marking machine. Guangdong co2 laser marking machine manufacturer, fiber laser marking machine is a new generation of laser marking machine system developed by applying the advanced laser technology in the world today. The fiber laser is used to output the laser, and then the marking function is realized through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system.

The electro-optic conversion efficiency of the fiber laser marking machine is high, reaching more than 30%. It is cooled by air cooling, the whole machine is small in size, the output beam quality is good, and the Guangdong CO2 laser marking machine has high reliability. Playing an irreplaceable role of convenience. Fiber lasers are not only used in laser marking, high-power fiber lasers can also be used in laser cutting, laser welding and other fields; the advantages of laser welding in plastic parts welding include: welding precision, firmness and airtightness and watertightness , During the welding process, the degradation of the resin is less, and the debris generated is less, and the surface of the product can be tightly connected together around the weld. It is more suitable for pharmaceutical products and electronic sensors regulated by the State Food and Drug Administration.

Compared with other welding methods, laser welding greatly reduces the vibration stress and thermal stress of the product. This means that the aging rate of the product or the internal components of the device is slower, and it can be applied to fragile products. Capable of welding many different kinds of materials.

Laser cutting has a wide range of applications: metals and most non-metals can be cut, but laser cutting machines have relatively high requirements for the working environment. Low can cause damage to air pipes and cables, prone to breakage and air leaks. Therefore, controlling the temperature of the working environment of the fiber laser cutting machine is one of the key factors to delay aging. In addition, the fiber laser cutting machine will produce a large amount of metal dust during operation. These dust, dust and smoke in the air will adhere to the equipment, which will increase the wear and tear between the various parts of the equipment. At the same time, the attached dust will also affect the The light transmittance of the focusing lens indirectly affects the cutting accuracy of the fiber laser cutting machine.

For more than 50 years, laser processing technology and applications have developed rapidly, and have been combined with multiple disciplines to form multiple technical application fields. The main laser processing technologies include: laser cutting, laser welding, laser marking, laser drilling, Laser heat treatment, laser rapid prototyping, laser coating, etc. Laser cutting technology is the main application of laser technology in industry. CO2 laser marking machine company has accelerated the transformation of traditional processing industry, provided a new means of modern industrial processing, and has become the most widely used laser processing method in the field of industrial processing. At present, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the pillar industries of the national economy such as machinery manufacturing, bridge construction, sheet metal processing, shipbuilding and automobile manufacturing, electronic and electrical industries, aviation and aerospace.

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