Laser marking machine area parameter setting


Author: Correct Pack -Laser Marking Machine Manufacturer

The regional parameter setting of the laser marking machine is a very important setting. Let’s analyze the various parameters in the regional parameter setting of the marking machine and how to set them. Let’s take a look. 1. Area size, this is based on the size of our field mirror, for example, the size of our field mirror is 110 mm, here we set it to 110. We don't change the offset X, offset y and angle. 2. Galvanometer 1=X and Galvanometer 2=X. This is the visual direction. We can draw a text first and then print it out with a laser marking machine. Change, otherwise we change the vibrating mirror 2 = X. 3. Use the correction file, which is generally provided by the manufacturer. If we do not have it, we will not correct it. We can correct it manually. 4. The position to point to after processing. Here we set it as the center of the galvanometer, which means that the red light will directly return to the middle of the worktable after we complete the processing. 5. For the ratio of galvanometer 1, we can first make a 100×100 square. Then we use a ruler to measure his length. Normally, our length is 100. If it is abnormal, it is another number. We record this abnormal number, and then enter the galvanometer 1 scale. Here, fill in 100 for the target size, and the actual size is the abnormal one we just recorded. number. Then click OK. For the width of the galvanometer 2, also record this number and fill it into the ratio and click OK. 6. The following fan, parallelogram, trapezoid, the function is that when our square is deformed, if it is our fan, set the ratio of the fan here, the default is 1, we can set it to 1.05 or 0.95, see His specific changes make him gradually become a normal square, so that the correction can be completed. The above is the laser marking machine area parameter setting we introduced to you. The parameters inside are very important. We have debugged our laser marking machine before leaving the factory. Generally, there is no need to change it. If you have to change it The current data can be saved and then tested.

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